The Las Vegas Strip

Smile! You’re on Camera

8 News NOW Like I tell my tour guests, if you are not in your hotel room or in the bathroom, consider yourself on camera when on the Las Vegas Strip! It's just that simple. Here is a video report from KLAS TV 8, the local CBS affiliate talking … [Read More...]

Uber las vegas

The Las Vegas – Uber Debate

Yes Virginia, Uber has landed in Las Vegas and the battle has begun.  Uber is a mobile app service that will dispatch an independent contractor with a private (newer model)  vehicle to pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go for a reasonable … [Read More...]

Las Vegas Mob Museum

Visit the Mob Museum on Saturday, November 15th

If you have never been to The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas, what is stopping you?? Seriously!  Need a "Free" invite??  Here it is...On Saturday, November 15, the Mob Museum is opening their doors for free to Nevada residents (Non-Nevada residents … [Read More...]

KISS hits Las vegas

KISS Takes Over Las Vegas

Ok, maybe "takes Over" is a bit over the top.  But we are talking about the most successfully over-hyped band of the modern era, KISS and they did land at the Hard Rock via Maverick Helicopters.  What? Did you expected them to come in through the … [Read More...]

American Restoration

Rick’s Restoration Revival

  To be totally honest, I am not sure what made me do it.  I was having a really good day running errands with my wife.  Catching up with The Mob Museum, stopping by PES Studios and even a stop over to see our friends at Count's Kustoms. … [Read More...]

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