The MGM Mansion Exists

When you talk about Las Vegas whales and high-end living on the Strip, many people point to the suites in the towers of  Caesars, the fantasy suites at The Palms and the refined luxurious penthouse suites of the Bellagio.  But the Grand Daddy of them … [Read More...]

MGM Las Vegas

The New MGM Arena Goes Where??

Still kind of befuddled about the new MGM arena set to open in 2016 behind the New York-New York hotel and casino.  Yes, it will seat 20,000 people plus.  Yes, Las Vegas desperately needs a 20,000 seat arena (without a national league sports team of … [Read More...]

Las Vegas tourism

Harmon Coming Down

That one example of the end of the Vegas boom years, MGM's greed and the proof that those tasked with keeping Vegas tourism safe, failed....  is coming down.  The Harmon Hotel is being dismantled one piece at a time. The Harmon Hotel was supposed … [Read More...]

The Old Lady gets a makeover

It’s More Than Lipstick on an Old Pig

Last week riding the High Roller Observation Wheel, I noticed the old Imperial Palace/Quad was getting a serious makeover.  I mean gutting out the towers and blasting off the old cobwebs.  They were even removing the 30 year old carpets.  This was … [Read More...]

EDC Las Vegas

EDC 2014 – It Ain’t NASCAR

This past weekend marked the 18th annual Electric Daisy Carnival.  The fourth for Las Vegas.  Otherwise referred to by locals as "EDC", held out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  What is it?  It's 134,000 twenty-somethings who never heard real music … [Read More...]

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