Vegas Chatter Goes Silent

Vegas Chatter Calls it Quits

You can not be a true "Vegas Tourist" without at least knowing the website  It was THE Las Vegas tourist website and ultimate community.   The site operated under the umbrella of the Conde Nast media empire.  But over the last few months, the suits in the Ivory tower decided having such a popular website focused on one destination was not a good thing.  So they decided to shut it down and blend it into another less focused travel website … [Read More...]

Las Vegas news

Small Town Las Vegas News

Whenever I get a tourist on my tours who claims to be a “Vegas News Junkie” I love to talk to them.  They love Las Vegas so much they have it in their Facebook feed and email files.  They want to keep up with everything here.  What’s happening, what’s new, who bribed who, who shot […]

World Series of Poker 2015

WSOP by the Numbers

Did you know that the 46th annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event is going on in Las Vegas?? Don’t worry, not many people notice that anymore.  It used to be a headlining event in the Las Vegas media.  Today it’s more of a footnote.  But it’s still popular when you look at the numbers. […]