The Riviera Liquidation Sale

Riviera Liquidation Sale

Can we say “Living in the 70’s”??

Finally get a breath of air and finding myself near the Strip, I figured time to hit the Riviera Casino Hotel Liquidation sale. Stop to see what’s left and maybe give the old place one last look around before it becomes a parking lot.

If you remember the Sahara liquidation sale, it’s pretty much the same thing. You go from room to room and see what’s left.  Like it?  Check the price and grab it before someone else does. This past weekend they had a suicide at the closed hotel pool, so new check-in procedures were put in place.  Including having to sign in. (you don’t need to sign out)  and most of the patio and balcony doors have now been bolted shut.  Most, I found a few they forgot!

As you can imagine, by now the good stuff is gone, if it were ever available.  Still, it’s fun to go from suite to suite and see what it was like back in the day.  Just to know: They are consolidating as more stuff find new owners and fewer floors are open now with more to be closed as the days go on.

Riviera never Used Pool

The never used because it leaked Riviera pool


Pool Mystery Solved

I finally got to see the “mysterious” 3rd floor Riviera pool that was built but never used because it leaked in the casino below it.  Kind of sad it never got to be used.  It had a nice view of the high rises around it.  I knew it was there, somewhere, but never got to see it or found a way to see it until now.  Actually found an open door to the pool deck, but did not venture out to see it.  Got better picture from a 9th-floor suite.  These old places have a lot of hidden mysteries created over the years with each passing owner or remodel.

Over priced Riviera

Goofy Prices

After wandering around and seeing some of the prices, I had to wonder how badly they gouged the earlier buyers.  Chairs with no casino markings were marked $60-90!! Yet I could furnish an entire business office for about $150!  Seriously, if you need anything office related, search out the 2nd-floor back offices and you will find some great deals! Just bring your screw gun and maybe a dolly or two.

The convention area is filled with everything needed to furnish a restaurant, kitchen, or maintenance shop.  From candelabra to buffing machines to portable beds and silverware.  So if you need something for that fancy dinner party, the gourmet kitchen, summer-house or dorm room, it’s there and it’s on sale right now!

Riviera Sale

My Prize?

Other than my desire to get one last look at true Las Vegas history and to pay homage to those great stars who made Las Vegas an entertainment destination, I went to see… Puppies!!   Not really. i went to scope out picture frames.  yes, I’m goofy like that.  I have photographers in the family shrub that always want something pretty and cheap to frame their works of art in.

I figured $12 was maybe a bit more than the frame is worth, but the puppies were too cute to leave them there…    So they came home with me…

Wanna Go??? 

Maybe they will have a Balls-to-the-Wall, let’s move all this crap out – barn burning sales marathon… otherwise, its open Open 9-7 Mon. – Sat., Sundays 10-5 Until Sold Out!