The Arena

MGM opens Up About Arena Parking

In about a year, the new MGM Resorts International-AEG arena (named Las Vegas Arena or The Arena for short) will be opening up.  Expected to hold 20,000 people depending on event and configuration.  But the big question we always asked was about the parking.  MGM had always kind of dodged answering the question directly until recently. […]

Suzanne Somers in Las Vegas

The Westgate Keeps Surprising Us

What started out as The International, the Las Vegas home to Elvis Presley, then it became the Las Vegas Hilton and as it declined due to ownership greed and mismanagement, it became just the lonely Las Vegas Hotel or The LVH. I always wondered how a classy resort right next to one of the largest and the […]

Austin Dillon victory lane

NASCAR 2015 – Sazzy – Day 2

Editors Note:  I know, not exactly Speedy Gonzales here on posting.  Look at it this way:  Its fun to look back at what you already know before it happens!! So we return you now to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the continuing adventures of Sazzy, the Ace Reporter, and the Rookie.  Covering Las Vegas […]

Sazzy at NASCAR

NASCAR 2015 – Day 1 – Sazzy Returns

As if you hadn’t heard by now, NASCAR has taken over Las Vegas this weekend.  NASCAR weekend in Las Vegas just isn’t real until we hear from our favorite NASCAR correspondent and partner in crime, SAZZY!!  So here is her first report from the scene of the crime(s) for the weekend. Hunkered down at Las […]


NASCAR Hauler Parade 2015 [video]

Can there be anything more beautiful on a March night than a bunch of shiny trucks parading down the Las Vegas Strip??  OK, loaded question.  Las Vegas NASCAR weekend kicks off by having the big rigs that haul the speed demons, parade down the neon-lit Las Vegas boulevard while thousands of NASCAR fans and unwitting […]