About The Vegas Tourist


I am Mark Anthony, I’m known as The Vegas Tourist!  As I like to say, “It’s my pleasure and even my passion, to help people discover new things to see do and experience while visiting Las Vegas and beyond”

Started as a blog in 2005, when I was a chauffeur on the Las Vegas Strip, I was trying to help people understand the real story behind the Las Vegas headlines. What the shows were really like, what the tours were really like, and not be influenced by the advertising dollar of the las Vegas casinos.

At that time, pretty much every “Review” or “Insider Story” was influenced by the fact that if the media company did not give a positive review of the show or the story, the mega-resorts would simply pull their advertising dollars from that media source for awhile. Well, when you only have two or three big Resort companies spending money advertising, you know the real story wasn’t being told.

Since then, it has changed a little of its focus as my career shifted to touring and tourism.  At the same time, people began to shift their priorities and their reasons for coming to Las Vegas. So I shifted the blog’s focus to include more things outside of Las Vegas.  As more people started to realize there were a lot more things to see and do outside the Vegas Strip!

I have added a Podcast as well as a YouTube Channel