123 NASCAR Fever Hits Vegas

NASCAR in Las Vegas Kobalt 400, the vegas tourist tours

Podcast 123 – NASCAR Fever always hits Las Vegas as the Kobalt 400 rolls into town. Sazzy is chomping at the bit to get out to the track, but before we head off to the track, we need to check in with fan favorites, The Ace Reporter and The Chip – n- Dale Magnet. Otherwise known as Sazzy’s parents!

For long time listeners, you know when these two hit town, all bets are off and chaos will replace our normally quiet and peaceful lives. (sarcasm inserted)…. Mom hits town for her convention, Dad hits town to help us with the races. As much as Ace and Sazzy want to hit the tracks, its been awhile since our last show, so we first need to play catch-up and go through some Vegas news.

For NASCAR fans or those voyeurs interested in what happens when NASCAR hits Vegas, keep up with us at the track on Twitter … We will post updates and photos as time permits with a full wrap up next week.

Here are some of the topics we hit on during the podcast:

On behalf of Sazzy and myself… Thanks to everyone who has waited patiently(?) for the next podcast. I know it’s been awhile and we thank you for your continued listening.


Now Enjoy the Show and leave us some comments…. Ok??


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