A Look at Red Rock Conservation Area

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About 20 miles from the famed Las Vegas Strip sits a geological wonder.  It’s also a great place to get away from it all while staying close to it all.  It’s called Red Rock National Conservation Area and its a beautiful place to take tourists and guests who just want a peak at the natural wonders that surround our city.

For us Vegas locals it’s kind of fun when you have guests in town. Tell them to put on their best walking/hiking shoes, throw some water in a backpack and head west.  A short drive and you have left the big city behind, yet still in view from one part of the canyon.  People are often shocked that something so quiet and beautiful is just a short drive out from the big city.

You can come here for the history.  500 million years of earth and Vegas valley history is staring right in front of you.  Prehistoric creatures were found here. The Mormon and Santa Fe Trail ran through here.  It’s been under the sea.  It’s been lush prairie and its been the desert.   Yes, there really was global warming long before Henry Ford created the Model T!!

But most people come here for the natural beauty, the unique rock formations and the hiking opportunities for all ages.  Don’t forget to bring your camera with a fresh charge on it! and plenty of water. You may be out of the city, but still in the desert…

This is a short video I made in a hurry.  Just giving you a glimpse of what its like to be out in nature.  Enjoy!

Mark Anthony

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