After SEMA? To The Gold Mine, Of Course!

After SEMA 2018 Photo Shoot

SEMA 2018 just wrapped up at the Las Vegas Convention Center and after the show, a lot of the specialty cars and trucks headed out for one final photo shoot before being loaded up in the cushy trailers and taken back to their homes.

So where do you head when you want the ultimate desert photoshoot for your hot rod or custom car? The Mursha Reservoir of course!  It’s better known as the Boulder City Dry Lake Bed. And for a really fun shoot, you take out to the Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine near Nelson!

Eldorado Gold Mine SEMA 2018 GMC

Just so happens, that’s where I was heading with a private tour today.  To the Eldorado Gold Mine!  My guests from England not only got to visit an infamous old gold mine, but they also got to see some very cool pieces of automotive art and creativity, up close and personal!

SEMA stands for “Specialty Equipment Market Association” These are the people and the manufacturers that make the aftermarket gadgets for your vehicles.

Gold Mine Photoshoot

The Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine is a quirky little place about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas near Boulder City.  It really was an actual famous gold mine back in the 1800’s.  Just think of all the bad plotlines from every bad western movie you ever watched. Except here, all the characters that were real came here at one time or another.

Techatticup Mine Tour

Long before anybody heard of Las Vegas, there was the Eldorado Canyon and the Techatticup.  This is where all the action was. Now it’s a unique tourist attraction as well as a popular place for photographers wanting to get a shot in a place that offers an array of unique old west setting mixed with an assortment of eclectic packrat collection you can use for backdrops or props. Seriously.

ElDorado BMW SEMA 2018

All About The Cars

Today it was all about the cars and how good the desert landscape would make them look for the 2019 marketing campaigns the manufacturers were already planning. From a classic GMC panel truck coming down an old curvey two-lane road to a BWM all tricked out with the latest lowrider modifications.  If that wasn’t the plan, how about making the chrome and steel shine in the desert sunshine with a mountain range in the backdrop?

Occasionally a photographer would throw in the half-naked model draped across the hood, just for an added effect! Sorry, I was unable to get any good pics of the models, as I was also trying to work the tour around the cameras, the chase vehicles and those other people out trying to get soem cool photos!

Dry Lake Bed SEMA SHoot

Like I said, today it was all about the custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  Ok, and the occasional Vegas photographer there with the well-dressed family hoping to create that one of a kind, family Christmas card or engagement photo.  This place is very popular for those as well!!


Photo/video shoots: This is family owned location, it is privately owned and they like to maintain some form or order there. Be nice, be friendly. They are very easy to work with and the fees to wander around and shoot for you and your family or friends is very affordable.  About $10 an hour for the group. Unless you need special access or have actual film “crew” there for a big shoot. Then the rates can change.  They will also close off certain buildings and locations for an additional fee.  Just ask.

The Eldorado Gold Mine Tour is available from Detours of Nevada and if you use the promo code “TVT, they will give you 10% off!
To make it even a better deal, ask for me to be your guide!

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