Bryce Canyon Lost a Famous Hoodoo

Bryce Canyon National Park lost a famous HooDoo

Bryce Canyon is a growing destination for Vegas tourists.  Known for its famous Hoodoos and other natural formations.

Bryce Canyon Park FaceBook page reported Tuesday morning that “The Sentinel,” a slender hoodoo long visible in the Navajo Loop not far from Thor’s Hammer, toppled overnight.

“The Sentinel, an iconic hoodoo, fell from its graceful perch last night. Once visible along the Thor’s Hammer side of the Navajo Loop, the Sentinel was one of those hoodoos many stopped to watch with suspense, wondering when it was going to fall. Frost-wedging finally took its toll last night, chiseling away the last of its base. We notice hoodoo destruction more than hoodoo formation because one is swift and big, and the other quietly shattering the rock faces and covering the ground in angular gravels.”

Mother Nature at Work!

PC: J. Allen

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