In-n-Out on the Strip

Just in case you didn’t know it, the new In-n-Out Burger opened up in the LINQ Promenade.  Just in the shadows of the observation Wheel.  This is the 13th restaurant in Las Vegas and the only one that is a pedestrian-only destination.  Actually, it is only the 2nd such store in the entire chain that is built to be pedestrian only. The other one is at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco!

It is 5,000 square feet of Hamburger Goodness with an outdoor patio dining to help with the people watching around the big wheel.  Plus a mini store kiosk so you can get your fix with In-n-Out bling.

If you go there and want to be one of the “cool tourists”  you need to order off their not so secret menu and make yourself sound like an aficionado. Here is that link>>  In-n-Out Not so Secret  – Don’t worry, ordering is real easy.  They have cheeseburger, hamburger and fresh cut french fries (they cut them right there).  That’s it.  No salads, no vegi-vegan-ala cart… It’s burgers, fries and a drink plus awesome chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shakes.

You may be asking how can such a place exist in today’s healthy living society?  Look at the name… It’s there.  You go in, you order, you get out…  McDonald’s has been wanting to buy this family owned, 67-year-old burger chain for decades and they just won’t sell!!

So now you don’t have to take a cab to the one on Tropicana and the I15.  It’s right there it the middle of it all…

Go. Now. Enjoy!

Still The Best in Las Vegas – Bellagio Fountains

The Fountains of Bellagio - The Vegas Tourist

Not that it surprises anybody who has seen the Bellagio Fountains, Trip Advisor still ranks the magnificent fountains as the number one Las Vegas sights & landmark in Las Vegas! Over 62,000 reviews with over 32,00 of those giving 5 Stars, the highest rating.

#2 High Roller
#3 The Strip
#4 Hoover Dam
Top 10 Sights and Landmarks in Las Vegas

In the category of things to do in Las Vegas
#1 Red Rock Conservation
#2 The High Roller
#3 Bellagio Conservatory
#4 The Strip

Top 10 Things to Do in Las Vegas


Those Secret Jets – Area 51

By Tomás Del Coro from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - (EG & G) N288DP Boeing 737-600 C/N 29892, CC BY-SA 2.0,


The Area 51 Jets – Also known as “Janet Airways” – People are always talking about them.  Some even want to go out and see where they land.  Others joke about how the planes are nicknamed Janet Airways.  But they are real and they do exist.  Just look for the white 737’s with a red stripe going down the fuselage.  No other markings are visible from the air or during landings, but they are real planes that take the civilian workers out to “Area 51” as well as other top-secret military installations in the desert.

The fleet is collectively known as “Janet Airways” with terminal and jet services located on the west side of McCarren International Airport.  Being operated for the United States Air Force, they used to get priority takeoff and landing privileges.

You can often see them taxiing to and from the terminal from the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

JANET is said to stand for “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal” because up until a few years ago, the military never even claimed the aircraft or the terminal existed and since they did not exist, they always had priority take off and landings at the airport.

The Secret Jets of Area 51

This photo was taken as we were flying out from Maverick Helicopters.  Janet airport terminal is on the left, the blue-trimmed planes next to “Janet” on the right, are part of the fleet of private aircraft belonging to Sheldon Adelson/Las Vegas Sands/Venetian Hotel.


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Christmas in Death Valley Shoot

Yes, we spent Christmas out in Death Valley National Park with all the other tourists escaping Las Vegas.  (and there were a lot of them!) We stopped at Death Valley Junction. We were out shooting some videos for editing later and having some fun. I probably could have found a better pic, but too tired to look!  Just for the record, I am smiling!