Who’s Resorts World Opening Headliners ?

Resorts World

Finally!!  Las Vegas is coming back to life after a long year of stillness! This Vegas resurrection is marked by the biggest opening of a casino resort in more than a decade. The all-new Resorts World resort is really rolling out the red carpet for an almost never before imagined lineup of residencies.

This once-in-a-lifetime opening of the Theatre at Resorts World Las Vegas is guaranteed to be the highlight for all concert fanatics. Starting from November 2021 and moving into March 2022, the residency shows announced thus far will feature Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, and Luke Bryan.


What to Expect

Just a ‘concert’ is an understatement! The headlining residencies promise mind-dazzling performances at the new 5,000-seat Theatre at Resorts World. In the hub of parties, the 5-month long line-up of four superstars will reinvent music in Vegas. The tickets for the residency shows are available on AXS. Miley Cyrus’s opening performance is planned to be broadcasted on the hotel tower’s Strip-facing screen on July 4. If that is not enough to convince you about the grand level run, take a look at how the schedule for the shows looks like.

Celine Dion

The headlining residencies will mark a start with the iconic Celine Dion. Her special opening night performance would be supporting the COVID-19 Relief on November 5. Dion’s special relation with Vegas goes back to her being the #1 and #2 highest-grossing Las Vegas residencies. Starting November 5, Celine Dion has 10 show line-ups scheduled for

November: 5-6 / 9-10 / 12-13 / 19-20 /

When it comes to Celine, everyone’s heart shall go on being mesmerized by her!

Carrie Underwood

If you are not yet over with Celine Dion’s stage energy, prepare for Carrie Underwood’s six-show run following Dion! Her achievements have spanned across television, film, music, and even books. With more than 64 million records being sold worldwide, Underwood proves to be just the right performer for this line-up. After Thanksgiving break, Underwood has a 6-show run scheduled for December

December: 1 / 3-4 / 8 / 10-11 /

You know when Underwood said I’ll see you again? Well, it is time you do!


Katy Perry

We know it is going to be a complete sell-out show when Katy Perry’s name shows up! Perry’s “Play” would make its way through after Carrie Underwood. Not only has Katy Perry racked up 50 billion streams, but she is also one of the best-selling artists of music history. There is no doubt that Perry’s 8 shows after Christmas will take the residency line-up up a notch. She is scheduled to take over the stage on

December: 29 / 31, 2021, Yes, we get a New Year’s Eve Katy Perry performance. Can it get any better?

January: 1/ 7-8 / 12 / 14-15, 2022.

Luke Bryan

The residency shows are planned to wrap with Luke Bryan’s 6 shows run! Bryan has sacked 26 #1 hits and has around 15 billion streams. He was also titled the ‘Most Heard Artist of the Decade’ as 2020 wrapped up. Luke is the ideal candidate for these shows because he knows how to get the party started! The Vegas residency shows are scheduled to feature Luke Bryan on

February: 11-12/ 16 / 18-19 / 20


Final Thoughts

While Katy Perry in one interview says, “it’s time to plan a trip to Vegas with your girlfriends”, one could not agree more. The four superstars are promising singers and performers. The star-studded residency shows are sure to compensate for the parties missed over the last year. Each artist performing at Resorts World will bring a new dimension to music and concerts. After all, it is Vegas, and Vegas knows how to keep you up all night!

She was still getting paid $2K a year

If you have spent any amount of time on the Las Vegas Strip the last twenty years or so, I am pretty sure you have seen the billboard trucks advertising escort services. Or the “Girl to your room in 20 minutes” enterprises. The photo posted here is one of the more popular ones and it has a little story to it.


First of all, did you know that the image is over 30 years old? Still being used and apparently still working. It’s from either 1989 or 1990. All three models were actual escorts working for the service they were advertising. Each of them was offered $2,000 for the one time shoot.

Two of the girls signed the model release form, took the money, and they were out of there as soon as the shoot was complete. The one in the middle, she knew the images were worth more than the one-time fee she was being offered. She wanted a better deal.

Before signing her release form, she asked to be paid annually, not just the one time. The owner of the agency agreed. I found out in 2005, that she was still getting those yearly checks while raising her three daughters in Colorado!

The Story as I was Told

One early morning when I was chauffeuring on the Las Vegas Strip, I was sent off to one of the gated communities in Las Vegas. My client needed us to run to the airport, pick up a friend, and bring him back to the estate. Simple run.

He was not what I was expecting from such a wealthy, gated neighborhood. Definitely younger than the others I have picked up there before. His dress didn’t match the social status, that was for sure. Very relaxed in his jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.  Meeting him, my mind went straight for an image of the comedian George Carlin.

Why George Carlin?  Because at about the same time as this was happening, George Carlin was a resident of Las Vegas and was making news because of his casual dress and his audacity to be out in public ( gated community) dressed like that. On top of dressing like that, he was caught changing the oil in one of his classic cars, in his own driveway!!  A clear violation of community standards if there ever was such a thing!

He just didn’t fit his surroundings and he seemed to like being the gated community rebel! It might also be the fact that his female partners who joined us in the ride were a couple of hot ladies, like him, they were not exactly dressed for the community picnic!

The drive to the airport as I remembered it was pretty casual as well. After meeting his friend at baggage claim, they decided breakfast was in order. So we had a change of plans and I was now booked for the entire day instead of just the airport run.  That was followed by him handing me my tip, in case he forgot later.  He rolled off 3 very fresh and very crisp C notes from his pocket.  (3 one hundred dollar bills).  This would be on top of the already built-in 20% tip for the all-day rental.  It was a nice day all the way around!

Sitting in the best restaurant on the Strip, the Peppermill, we had a corner booth to watch all the action inside the restaurant as well as a good shot of the traffic on the Strip. For those of you who have been to the Peppermill, you are probably smiling at that.

When one of those Billboard Trucks rolled by with the image of the three escorts on it, the airport guest smiled, then laughed.  Not believing that they were still using “That” image.  He then asked my client if the one girl was still getting paid? She was. I was a bit curious. Only one out of three got paid?

Know Your Worth

My client was all too eager to share with me the story of how that image got to be and the fact that it’s still being used today. Some twenty years after it was taken.

The lady in question, he said, knew her value. She also knew how to do business. She was good at what she did and she knew she was good. She knew she or maybe the image itself, was worth more than the one-time fee the other two girls settled on and were happy to get. She also knew the owner was going to make big bucks off the use of that image. So when she was handed her model release form, the document that states who owns the images and what money(if any) was exchanged in order to create the images, she said she wanted an annual payment for the use of her likeness.  Without much of a discussion, he agreed. Making it a $2,000 annual fee.

Think about that. Here we are, thirty years later, she is still getting paid (to the best of my knowledge) for that one photo you see going down the Strip every night.  It’s not much if you think about it. $2,000 a year for a photo that is probably making them millions. However, taken over time, it did pay for her kid’s college education!  Whereas the other two girls probably blew their one-time check in a matter of a couple of days and forgot all about it.

So now you know the story behind the image you see driving down the Strip every night. not earth-shattering, but it makes seeing the trucks a little more fun. It’s also a simple lesson in knowing your worth. Not being afraid to let those you are working with know your worth and never being afraid to speak your mind before you sign an agreement. You too could be getting paid every year for thirty years for something you did in one afternoon!

Casino Turns 25

The Movie Casino
On November 22, 1995, the Martin Scorsese movie Casino opened. And the world still can not get enough of it.  Based on writer Nicholas Pileggi’s book by the same name and starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, and probably Don Rickles best movie performance ever!

I’m not forgetting James Woods performance as the scumbag pimp, druggie, and asshole lover to Sharon Stone’s character. Actually, can we just agree that the main cast rocked! Ok?
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Being a big fan of that movie, it was one of the very first DVD’s I ever bought. Never imagine that a few years later I would not only get to move to Las Vegas but get to sit nose to nose (sort of) and interview one of the real-life characters from that movie, Frank Cullotta!  That podcast still remains one of the most popular podcasts we ever recorded. Podcast 40 – The Frank Cullotta Interview

Frank also gave tours showing off some of the important locations used in the movie.  Complete with narration from the man that knew the sites very well.  Why not? He was there when the real scenes happened and he helped recreate them in the movie!   He would add a few other stops along the way that may not have made it in the movie, but that he may have a little recollection of them actually happening in real life!

I can say that a tour of Las Vegas with narration from an ex-mobster can really give you a new view of Las Vegas and its landmarks. Not to mention making you want to stop and wonder when you see a piece of vacant land where you really don’t think there should be an empty plot of land.  Because maybe it really isn’t “empty”?

Many people that I have talked to from that era (and some who had a role as an extra) said the movie captured the “essence of Las Vegas and the Mob” very well. Especially the smugness of the Mobsters. It was nice to know they were able to recreate most of the movie scenes right here in Las Vegas, using a lot of the actual dealers and casino workers who were still working, twenty years after the real story actually happened.
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The Riviera Casino

The Riviera Casino was used as a stand-in for the Stardust


The Vegas Scenery

The movie was made in 1995 and the Mirage was already five years old. So Las Vegas was already into its big “Bulldoze and Build Bigger” mode.   Thankfully they were able to find locations that still reflected the vibe and the architecture of the 1970s.  I think that one of the reasons the movie was able to be such a long-lasting success was its feel of realism.  Besides some great acting, it was the visuals that enhanced the feel and the emotions of the movie.  It looked, felt, and sounded like what we are told Las Vegas was like in that era.

Although the movie focused on what was really the Stardust Casino, they used the interior of the Riviera for the casino shots.  Many people complained that the Riv was “dated” and not modern enough for them. But you had people like myself who loved the old girl for that very reason.  The Riviera was probably the best representation of what we call “Old Vegas”.  And it worked well for the movie.

In a recent Facebook post, UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives Talked about a collection of photos and notes they have from the lead location scout on the movie, Maggie Mancuso.

The link included goes to their website and you can read about the collection and the issues they had as well as some of the issues the scout had in finding the right locations. Noting that it would probably be impossible to replicate such authenticity in the Las Vegas of today. Mainly because we have demolished so much of our past. As well as the reality of how our skyline looks now compared to twenty-five years ago.

This past Sunday, November 22, 2020, marked the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Martin Scorsese’s classic film “Casino.” To achieve the look of Las Vegas in the 1970s, Scorsese had a top-notch art director and a talented location scout who searched for the perfect spots around Las Vegas in 1994 that still had that vintage look. We are fortunate to have the scouting files of Maggie Mancuso (talented actress and singer in her own right), which provide a fascinating time capsule of the built environment of Las Vegas as it looked in the early 1990s. These photos are available to view in Special Collections and Archives as the Maggie Mancuso Collection on Martin Scorsese’s Casino (MS-00504). To learn more about the Mancuso Collection and how these snapshots became a permanent record of the Las Vegas landscape check out this paper from artist Catherine Borg who was one of our Eadington Fellows in 2015. “Scouted: An Inadvertent Archive from the Search for a Cinematic Vegas”  https://digitalscholarship.unlv.edu/occ_papers/

Looking at the photos can give some of us flashbacks. And for that, you have to smile, maybe even laugh a little looking at them. Not only for the decor but for the technology. You need to remember that there was a time when cameras were not instant or electronic. That you need to actually have the images printed to look at them. No photoshop in 1995!

Twenty Five Years??  Wow….


What are your thoughts or memories of the movie?  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!


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Ricky Martin Comes to The Park Theater – MGM

MGM keeps adding star power to fill their soon to be opened Park Theater at Monte Carlo. So far announced acts for the opening season are performers like Stevie Nicks, Bruno Mars, and Cher.  Adding to all that will be a residency by  latin sensation Ricky Martin.


Ricky Martin’s Las Vegas residency dates are:

April: 5, 7, 8, 11, 14 & 15

June: 23, 24, 27 & 29

July: 1-2

Sept.: 12, 15, 16, 19, 22 & 23

Garth Brooks Returns to Las Vegas

The man who helped Steve Wynn reclaim his title as the savior of Las Vegas; Garth Brooks is coming back to Las Vegas to perform in the new Las Vegas Arena. The biggest-selling solo recording artist ever is set to bring his world tour to Las Vegas Arena for shows from July 2-4. Four performances in all: 7 p.m. July 2, 7 and 10:30 p.m. July 3 and 5 p.m. July 4.

Not counting his three-year acoustic residency at the Wynn/Encore, the last time Garth Brooks performed in concert in Las Vegas were four sold-out shows at the Thomas & Mack Center in 1998.

(See: 2009- Garth is in The House!)

This is Las Vegas, in a brand new, high-tech arena and this is would be a full-blown Garth Brooks concert, so we would expect nothing less than the best from the man.

In the news release issued today, Brooks said, “Vegas has to be different. The city, the venue and the people demand it. With the help of the city itself, this run of shows will be a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience.”

As an example of the record-setting ticket sales for his concerts, Garth recently played in Phoenix, where the demand was so great that they added two more shows, selling more than 60,000 tickets.  (adding shows to a location is not uncommon on his latest tour.) This broke his 1996 record of 53,248 tickets sold for shows at the American West Arena. .

Get Garth Brooks Concert Tickets Here 

The event schedule for the new arena is filling up fast and Garth is not the only musical superstar announcing performances there:


  • George Strait has a series of shows starting in April of 2016 and going into 2017 (tickets)
  • Dixie Chicks reunion tour hits on July 16 (tickets)
  • Janet Jackson comes into the Las Vegas Arena May 14 (tickets)