Barry Manilow is a class act

September 5, 2010

Once in awhile, the boys on the Strip will throw the locals a bone.  This week they threw us a bone in the way of Barry Manilow.  Yes, I know what your thinking, and apparently […]

102 Degrees of Elvis

July 25, 2010

Ok, it’s a Saturday night in Las Vegas.  It’s 102 degrees outside. What do you do?  Well, if your Sazzy and me, you head to the Fremont Street Experience to see the first ever “Ultimate […]

Phantom Turns Four

June 28, 2010

“The Phantom turns four… the Phantom turns four.” That’s all I could get out of the phone call from the PA, as I think she was about to hyperventilate.  And as faithful listeners and followers […]


Steve Wynn Wants Miss Universe

May 17, 2010

The Miss USA Pageant was held this weekend at Planet Hollywood and Steve Wynn attended with no arm charm.  However, rumors are swirling that he is wanting to remedy that problem by having his Las […]

Garth is Good

April 11, 2010

Now that Garth brooks has settled into the Wynn, I wanted to see if all the chatter has quieted down as well.  Plus I wanted to see first hand what impact having the Mega Star […]

Vince Neil Aviation

March 20, 2010

That’s right Vegas Tourist rockers… You could soon be jetting your way to Las Vegas on a Motley Crue inspired jet.  If you have the cash to do it…. Motley Crue front man and Vegas […]


Elvis 75 : Big Elvis 10

January 9, 2010

If Elvis Presley had lived, he would have been 75 yesterday and probably still performing somewhere in Las Vegas.  Lucky for us he isn’t and we get to see Big Elvis instead. Having said that, […]

Phantom Phans Unite!

September 22, 2009

The PA was in Phantom heaven this past weekend as she joined over 140 other rabid Phantom of the Opera fans from all over the world in Vegas.  The occasion was the very first Phantom […]

Buddy Done Right

June 13, 2009

If you have ever been out to Spring Mountain Sate Park, you know how beautiful and peaceful it is….  Now imagine sitting on the grass and watching some amazing talent under the stars!! Well, that’s […]


Quick Update

May 29, 2009

Its going to be one of those weekends where we will be going three different ways at the same time.  Hope to keep it all straight and get the good stuff posted here. But first, […]

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