FlyOver Vegas is Coming Soon

FlyOver Bellagio

FlyOver Las Vegas is a new immersive flight-ride experience, coming to the Strip in Fall 2021

Back when I used to do my nine-day West Coast Tours, they would always start in Los Angeles and I would fly in a day early just so I could make it to Disneyland. When I arrived at the House that a Mouse built, I headed straight over to Disney California Adventure Park.

My goal was to beat the crowd already in line to experience “Soarin’ Over California”. For me, it was probably one of the best rides in the park and certainly a better way to experience the highlights of California without needing to get a tetanus shot afterward.


Well, for those of you who have experienced the ride or one of its incarnations like “Soarin’ Around the World” at Walt Disney World, I have good news for you.  A new company is bringing that style of attraction to the Las Vegas Strip. It’s called “FlyOver Las Vegas” and it will open this fall.

FlyOver What??

To help understand what this is, let me explain the Disney version: For the California Disney experience, the original ride film, which lasted about four to five minutes, took the guest on a simulated hang glider tour of California. Appropriate scents (citrus, pine, sagebrush, ocean mist) fill the air as the ride vehicles themselves move gently to simulate the sensations of flight. In addition to the state’s various landscapes, the ride also highlights its diverse recreation, including snow skiing, river rafting, kayaking, golf, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, surfing, and of course, hang gliding.

Get it?  It’s an amazing experience that makes you feel like you are “soaring” over whatever it is you are seeing.  Although you are in a room filled with a bunch of other guests, it never felt like they were there. It was just you and your seat companions on your adventure. As you flew, you felt the sea mist, smelled the florals, and “felt’ what was visually around you. It was seriously immersive!

This fall, global attractions and hospitality company Pursuit is bringing a similar experience to Las Vegas, called FlyOver Las Vegas. To better explain what this is, here is what they tell us in their press release:

“The FlyOver flight ride utilizes a unique and state-of-the-art moving platform with six degrees of motion, multi-sensory special effects and a 52-foot spherical screen that provides guests with an unparalleled flight across iconic locations and natural landscapes. Special effects, including wind, mist, and scents, combine with the ride’s motion to create an unforgettable entertainment experience. Owned and operated by Pursuit, this new Las Vegas location will mark the third FlyOver attraction for the global tourism and hospitality brand, which also includes FlyOver Canada in Vancouver, FlyOver Iceland in Reykjavik, and FlyOver Canada in Toronto (expected opening 2024). The new attraction, anticipated to open fall 2021, is located next to Hard Rock Café on the Las Vegas Strip. For more information about FlyOver in Las Vegas, visit“

They actually started to build this attraction before the Covid crap hit and shut everything down.  They had already gutted the closed AMC Theater that was located across an alley from the World of Coke store, next to the MGM Resort.  I can honestly say that I have seen a lot of activity at the construction site the past couple of weeks.  So they are moving at a pretty good clip and that just means this is really going to happen!!

The Vegas Factor

I have always said that Las Vegas is a completely different universe when compared to other major cities.  Just because your idea was successful in Chicago or Miami, doesn’t mean it will be successful here in Las Vegas.  If you come to Vegas with that mindset, you will fail miserably.

The Vegas tourist crowd is different.  With everything else to see and do here, It’s not easy to “WOW” the Vegas tourist.  And just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it will survive the long haul. Especially when it involves cutting-edge electronics (insert the names of the 100’s of shows and attractions that failed this part).  In Las Vegas, you really need to know what you are doing, you need to have a great team of experienced people behind you and you need to know how to sell it to the unique and always evolving audience that is “The Vegas Tourist”.

So the people behind this project went for one of the best in the business. Someone who definitely knows a thing or two about cutting-edge entertainment and making it work successfully in Las Vegas.  They tapped Jack Kenn to be their general manager.  What makes Jack so special?? Jack was Cirque du Soleil’s Technical Director during the creation of “O” in 1997.  Those are the types of credentials you want someone to have when opening a new attraction in Las Vegas and have it be successful!

FlyOver Canada

Here is a sample of what it’s like for the Canadian experience. Now imagine what they will do for the Las Vegas edition!


Go ahead, tell me this will be one of those “Must-Do” and “will do again” things when you visit Las Vegas this fall.

Stay tuned for more news and an open date later this summer!



Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Returns!

Barrett - Jackson

June in Las Vegas is looking to be a really busy month.  Not only do we say goodbye to the silly mask mandates, but a lot of our favorite shows finally have set their coming back-to-life dates in June!!  Then we have one of my favorite events!  The Barret -Jackson Collector Car Auction.  June 17-19, 2021.

To make it even more exciting, this year the event moves to the swanky new digs at the Las Vegas Convention Center – West Hall. Right there on the Las Vegas Strip! Next to our favorite restaurant, the Peppermill! Can this get any better of an event??

Barrett Jackson Las Vegas 2021

Fans Since Day One

We started this website back in 2006 and in 2007 was the first year they held the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Las Vegas. It started as an experiment, a way to expand the brand outside their home base of Scottsdale, Arizona. For Las Vegas, it was meant to add something interesting and different to the Las Vegas event calendar between Labor Day and the start of the NFR World Finals.  If memory serves me, I think they signed on to hold the auction in Las Vegas for 5 years. To see if it would work!

What was fun was that Craig Jackson, Chairman, and CEO of Barrett-Jackson, was so gracious and open. He did a great interview then passed us around to other people behind the scenes. Letting Sazzy and myself see how it all worked.

We even got a chance at meeting classic car royalty by being in what could be best described as a presentation line to greet the matriarch of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and widely considered as the “First Lady of Collector Cars,” Nellie Jackson, as she entered the auction stage area.

Ok, maybe that’s not the real word for it. There was a line of people that had some importance and they all stood, behind a rope as she entered.  They all said their greetings to her. Not sure if she responded to any of them… But everyone in the line was all giddy that they got to “meet” her.

Trying Not to Drool

For the past couple of weeks, they have been sending out periodic updates on some of the vehicles and automobile memorabilia that will be crossing the auction block.  It’s not always just about the vehicle!

Barrett Jackson Las Vegas

For some of us car buffs, it’s almost better than sneaking peeks at your dad’s Playboy collection.  Let me just say that some serious pieces of chrome will be changing hands in Las Vegas, and the great thing is you can be there!

That’s the cool thing. Ok, so you may not be able to buy that car from your youth that you paid $150 for because today, in restored mint condition, it will sell for one hundred grand.  But you can walk the hall and look at all the cars in the lineup before they hit the auction block.

They also have vendors there as well that can help you in restoring that project car that’s been sitting in your backyard for the last decade. The one you promised the wife you will finish maybe next year!

Best Reason to Go?

I will tell you this.  I have fun there because of the people you will meet.  Just walking the lanes of cars setting up to hit the auction block, you get to talk to some wonderful people who like to talk about cars. Maybe the car that’s about to go up or maybe about a car in the line-up.  You may be standing and admiring some classic car, suddenly somebody walks up and starts to talk about it or what the car reminds them of.  Maybe even get to meet the owner and get their side on why that car or Jeep. And some of the stories will surprise you!

Let me know if you will be there, maybe we can meet up!



Fun and Family-friendly Things to do on the Las Vegas Strip

One of the more curious questions I get here on this website as well as I see in Vegas-related groups online is about kids and families. In a nutshell, the questions are usually framed like this:  “Why do parents keep wanting to bring their kids to vegas? There’s nothing here for them to do!” Or one of my favorite comments to see goes like this: “This is Vegas, it’s for adults!”.

Now, in all honesty, I am one of those who really support the last one there.  That Vegas was meant as a place for adults to escape their mundane life as parents and to get away to their own little version of Disneyland.  And that really is what modern Las Vegas was originally built around.

Then reality sets in and I have to confess that Vegas is doing a pretty good job of hanging onto that “adult Disneyland” image while also being open to welcoming the families with kids.  It’s just that there are times I wish parents could remember this is a 24-hour town and there are times that kids should be seen and there are times when the kids need to let Mom and dad be Adults… But I digress.


Vegas is Changing

As much as I hate to hear that statement, I know that it is true and it always has been true.  Las Vegas is always changing, always adjusting to the new demands of the markets.  As Las Vegas is becoming less of a gambling town as more cities around the world open up to gambling, Las Vegas has to keep reinventing itself.  These Billion-Dollar Palaces were never built because the owners were just nice people. they are here to make money.  And the good ones know they are here to entertain and entice the public to come out and spend money.  Lots of Money.  So they need to welcome the families.

Not Just Families!

Vegas is changing and not just for the families.  Some people come to Las Vegas just for an escape from reality. Wanting to see how other people live.  They come here for entertainment, not just gambling.  They like to see new things, experience new adventures, and try something they can’t try back home.  They also like to walk the Strip and people watch!  People-watching in Las Vegas is a sport!

Pre/Post-Covid Changes

Most of the lists online now are all about Las Vegas “Pre-Covid-19”  and since we were shut down for a few months, some things have changed. Many attractions have either cut back on what they offer or they went dark for the foreseeable future. While some even just closed for good.  Making those lists unreliable.

So I thought it was time to make an updated list of some of the things you can see in and around Las Vegas that are also family-friendly. Some are free, others have a fee to enter. The ones that are still operating as las Vegas begin to recover from the pandemic-caused closures.

Starting with The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip runs almost straight North-South. The world-famous casinos, popular resorts, and world-class shopping are all right there on the famous stretch of road!


From South to North on the Las Vegas Strip!

The first one is not actually “On The Strip”, but it is close enough that a short Uber ride will get you there. Its just southwest of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

Carroll Shelby Museum/Shelby Heritage Center

Yes, THAT Carroll Shelby.  The man who created classic sports cars like the Ford GT40 and the GT350 Shelby Mustangs. The Shelby American Collection has some of the rarest, most valuable, and authentic cars on display.  As one reviewer put it “A beautiful facility pays homage to an American Racing Legend and America’s most iconic and desired sports car/roadster.”
Museum and tours are free.

The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

From the people on my tours, I get the feeling that some people believe this sign didn’t really exist. That it was something Hollywood made for the movies.  But I can tell you, it’s real, it’s free and at times it can be crowded!  This is just south of the Mandalay Bay resort. Take all the pictures you want, it’s free and open 24 hours a day.  There may be “photographers” there wanting to help you get the perfect photo, they are there for tips.  Just beware, they are not “official” anything.

Las Vegas Harley Davidson

See the Newest Hogs! Las Vegas Harley Davidson 

Not only do you get to see what’s new with the most famous American Made motorcycle, but they do also have a convenience store to get a snack or some water to keep you hydrated while walking the Strip.  They often have a bike or even a trike for you to pose with in front of a replica of the Vegas sign!  You can even book a tour on an HD motorcyle! It’s free to wander around but please try to not drool over all the cool chrome and leather accessories!

Pinball Hall of Fame

Having recently moved into their new mega location just a few steps north of the Harley Davidson dealership. The Pinball Hall of Fame is more than a museum of some of the oldest, newest, and exotic pinballs and other games, it’s a place to spend a few hours of family bonding time a couple of quarters at a time! Most of the machines are available to play and remember your youth!


Mandalay Bay Lazy River

Many people say it is the best pool for kids. Mandalay Bay Beach is an 11-acre aquatic playground that invites you to sun, swim, splash and soak on your terms. Ride tides in the wave pool. Flow with the Lazy River. Lounge in a lagoon. – Check the website for COVID restrictions

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

At 1.5 million gallons, this is one of the best Aquariums. See more than 2,000 animals, including sharks, giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, piranha, and a Komodo dragon. This unique exhibit gives you the chance to dive with a higher concentration of exotic sharks than you’d ever find in the wild. – See website for fees and admission

HyperX Esports Arena & Arcade at Luxor

You as a parent may not get it, but I’m pretty sure your kids will.   The ultimate competition gaming and entertainment experience to the Strip. Featuring a state-of-the-art gaming and broadcast center that will thrill both amateur and professional gamers looking for world-class competition or high-tech nightlife. – See the website for tickets and admission

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor

Experience the wonder and tragedy of the world’s most famous ocean-liner, Titanic. Over 250 authentic artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic, as well as extensive recreations of some of the most famous rooms from the Ship, make this an educational and entertaining experience perfect for all ages. – See the website for tickets and admission

Bodies… The Exhibition at Luxor

Using an innovative preservation process, the Exhibition showcases real full-bodies and organs, providing a detailed, three-dimensional vision of the human form rarely seen outside of an anatomy lab. – See the website for tickets and admission

Ultimate 4-D Experience at Excalibur 

Experience the unique worlds of Hollywood’s top brands as high-definition 3-D projection and thrilling special effects place you right in the middle of the action. Join some of your favorite characters on incredible 15-minute adventures at the all-new Ultimate 4-D Experience. See the website for tickets

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur 

The Fun Dungeon offers over 200 games, including 15 Carnival Midways, 10 Kiddie Land Games, 60 Arcade Games, 10 Sports Games and 106 Redemption Games! Make sure to try our World’s Biggest Pacman, Mega Stacker, Smash Air Hockey, and more.- Free to explore.

Tournament of Kings (a dinner show with knights on horses) at Excalibur.

Not open at this time. Visit the website for updates


The Big Apple Coaster at New York New York

Get your thrills going over 67mph on the world’s first coaster to feature a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver and 203ft drop, providing more than 1.4 million riders with heart-stopping action and excitement each year. – See the website for tickets and admission

The Big Apple Arcade at New York NewYork

Come test your skills at The Big Apple Arcade! We have some of the latest video & arcade games and some classics such as Skee-Ball, Air Hockey, and NBA Fever! Bring the family, or challenge your friends to a friendly competition. – Free to explore.

Hershey’s Chocolate World Store at New York New York

This is a two-story destination that features a new retail experience where guests can create their own HERSHEY’S happiness through a variety of interactive experiences. Chocolate lovers from around the world can enjoy unique HERSHEY’S candy experiences, fresh made HERSHEY’S sweets, and a wide selection of gifts.- Free to explore.

MGM Grand Pool Complex

I would have to say this is the largest pool complex on the Strip.  Currently only open to MGM Guests. 6.5 acres of fun featuring four refreshing swimming pools, three whirlpools, cascading waterfalls, and top-notch amenities. Grab a tube and float down our famous Lazy River, stretch out on a comfy daybed, enjoy a variety of food and drink options, or find your bliss with a poolside massage. – See the website for tickets and admission

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at MGM Grand

If you loved the Hunger Games movies, you will love this attraction. A dynamic exploration into the world of Panem, the exhibition leads guests on a mission to become a part of the rebellion to conquer the capital, featuring stunning architectural design and special effects lighting that highlights iconic costumes, genuine props, and artistic set recreations from the cinematic series. – See the website for tickets and admission

M&M’s Las Vegas

Almost everything M&M’s. This 28,000 square foot, four-level monument to the colorful fun of M&M’S was the first M&M’S store location ever. Featuring a place to create your very own one-of-a-kind M&M’S with the personal printer, combining customized messages, a variety of images, and 16 different colors of M&M’S candies. Located in Showcase Mall right next to the MGM Hotel & Casino – Free to explore.

Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas

Experience the world’s most iconic beverage brand in an immersive retail destination including exclusive Coca-Cola branded merchandise, unique and entertaining experiences, and true refreshment that inspires the senses. You gotta have your photo opp with the polar bear mascot plus hundreds of soda pop flavors from around the world. Located in Showcase Mall right next to the MGM Hotel & Casino – Free to explore.


Fountains of Bellagio Show 

These famous fountains were destined to romance your senses. It is the most ambitious, complex water feature ever conceived and it’s free for any visitor to enjoy. A daily experience, every 30 minutes, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday, and every 15 minutes from 8:00 PM to midnight. On weekends and holidays, the fountains display every 30 minutes from noon to 8:00 PM and every 15 minutes from 8:00 PM to midnight.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

Imagine a 14,000-square-foot Botanical Garden that is a changing showcase of inspiring sights, sounds, scents, and colors and that is the Bellagio Conservatory. When the seasons change so do the displays. – Open 24 hours and is Free to explore.

Bellagio Chocolate Fountain

World’s largest chocolate fountain at Bellagio (27 feet tall). This floor-to-ceiling sculpture circulates more than 2,100 pounds of melted milk, dark, and white chocolate thru 500 feet of pipes 24 hours a day.

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

An icon of the city skyline, the high-altitude attraction is located 46 stories up and is a half-scale replica of the world-famous Paris, France landmark. – Not wanting to go to the top?  Enjoy the nightly light show on the tower safely from the ground!  – See the website for tickets and times for free light show.

This is a Work in progress. Check back for more updates!



Walking the Historic Railroad Tunnels

Want a fun little hike? Want to see some Hoover Dam History? Then you may want to travel out to Boulder City and walk the Historic Railroad Tunnels.

Railroad Tunnels??

About a thirty-minute drive outside of Las Vegas is a little town called Boulder City. It was built to house the workers who were needed to build Hoover Dam during the Great Depression. To get the supplies down to the Dam site, they needed to blast out some tunnels for the railroad. 


It’s an easy drive out from Las Vegas.  Once you are out in Boulder City, follow the signs to go thru Historic Downtown Boulder City, not to save time or anything. It’s just a cute little town stuck in time that’s fun to drive through and you may want to stop and shop!

Follow the signs down Main Street, actually called Nevada Way, but it just seems like it should be named Main Street!  The signs will point you to Hoover Dam.  As you exit Boulder City and get mesmerized by that big body of water in front of you called Lake Mead, watch for the signs on your left, pointing to the entrance to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. You will also see some large black rocks and of course, Lake Mead.

That turnoff is also the entrance to what’s known as the Historic Railroad Tunnels as well as the Lake Mead Visitor Center. Take that turn off.  The nice thing is that where you are going is before the actual entrance to Lake Mead. So no need for a National Park Pass and there is a dedicated parking lot with free parking! 

Those black rocks you see in the background are some of the toughest rocks on the face of the earth and in 1931, at the depths of the Great Depression, men were down there digging and blasting five railroad tunnels in order to get the supply trains down to what would become Hoover Dam. And that is where we are today. Walking the Historic Railroad Tunnels.

(Click for Google Maps)


Don’t Worry, it’s an Easy Walk!

To walk the five tunnels and back is about 4 miles round trip on a flat, gravely roadway meant for walking, biking, and it is wheelchair accessible. If you want, the railway bed/walkway goes on down to Hoover Dam with a path that can also take you over to the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. That is closer to a seven-mile round-trip walk.

For any of the walks, play it safe, you are in the desert. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring plenty of water and energy snacks. Plus always wear sunshade.

Information plaques along the trail to give you the historical context

Along your walk, there are benches to sit and rest, to ponder the fate of humanity while overlooking what’s left of Lake Mead. Plus you will find information plaques giving you some of the historical backgrounds on what you are looking at. In other words, don’t be in a hurry!

A Railroad Out Here??

In 1931, the country was in the middle of the Great Depression. Jobs were scarce and you went wherever you thought you could find work. There was no such thing as unemployment insurance or welfare. Men worked or their families starved. It was that simple.

For many, that meant coming out here. Into the middle of nowhere. The middle of the Mojave Desert, hoping to find work. Boulder City was still being built. That was to house the workers who would eventually build Hoover Dam. The only other town around was Las Vegas. And that was a two-hour drive away. Today it’s about thirty minutes! So yes, you were literally in the middle of nowhere!

But this was all they had. A chance at a job working in the wide-open desert and unbearable summer heat. But if you could get hired, it paid very well and you maybe had a place to live while you had the job.


They Built It!

What Life Was Like In the Desert

Due to the massive scale of the project and what it was going to take to build one of the largest man-made objects on earth, almost everything it took to build Hoover Dam had to be built on-site. So the supply trains were needed to haul the equipment, the rocks, and the steel down to the job site(s). And to do that took only three things:

  1. The brains to figure out how to build what needed to be built in the middle of nowhere!
  2. Brawn, muscles. There was no such thing as computers, CADCAM, or laser-guided drills in 1931. It was men with muscles. Or men who were going to get muscles.
  3. Dynamite. I think this is where Las Vegas fell in love with the idea of blowing things up! To build Hoover Dam, it took a lot of dynamite to blast away the rocks to create a place to properly fit the dam.

Fresh Air and a Little Education

Walking the railroad tunnels offers you some quiet time. You don’t hear the highway on the other side of the mountain. There is plenty of room for people to spread out, so you are usually walking alone. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the path. All you see are some mountains, a vanishing lake, and some boat docks. It’s you and nature, that’s it. A nice time to just unwind and connect with nature. See some wildlife and enjoy the fresh air.

There are those days when you think the world is crashing down on you and you just can’t handle another minute of it. Then you look up at the opening of these tunnels, you look at what is there, and imagine what it took to build what you are seeing. And you realize what they had to work with every day and suddenly, your life looks a whole lot better.

And maybe that’s why I like the tunnels so much. It’s a nice place to get some perspective on life. To reconnect with what’s important to us and to maybe honor those who have come before us, who paved the way for our relatively easy way of life.

Any way you look at it, walking the railroad tunnels is a nice break from the insanity of our everyday world. A nice place to relax, enjoy nature, see some wonders of the world and get some easy exercise!

If you ever visit the tunnels, let me know what you think. Ok?

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The Rocky Mountaineer Comes to America!

Canada's Rocky Mountaineer Train

Image: Pinterest

After what can only be described as a REALLY, Really bad day, I do one last check of my email before shutting down the home office, and I get to smile.  I see this land in my inbox: Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer Train Is Heading to nearby Colorado and Utah.

WHAT? When? I’m there. I know I can make it happen.  My day was still a horrible day. But to end it with a little piece of good tourism news like this?  Makes all the bad stuff that happened before this, a little easier to take.
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So what about this sweet piece of news?  Getting to learn that this majestic piece of tourism machinery is finally coming to America for its very own set of tours. To make it really better news was to learn just how close it is to Las Vegas and how easy it will be to do this. Then to see its route. Denver to Moab. Almost as majestic as the lands from where it comes from!! Oh, Yea!

Yes.  For the first time, Canada’s famed glass-domed luxury rail operator, the Rocky Mountaineer, is bringing its amazing train journeys to the American Southwest for a standalone U.S. adventure. And from what I have read, they are NOT skimping on any of the details they are famous for.

the Rocky Mountaineer interior

Image: Pinterest

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The Rocky Mountaineer?

Sorry for all the blabbering about this awesome train ride and train company. For anyone who has taken this trip, you understand my wording doesn’t do any of it justice.  For the uninitiated: If you have never heard of or been to the Canadian Rockies and experienced the Canadian Rocky Mountaineer, you have no idea what heaven on earth is.  Seriously. This is not a train ride as much as it is an experience for your senses.

First off, The Canadian Rockies are breathtaking in their own right.  How do I know?  On what was my very first international tour and if I remember right, one of my first actual tours after I was certified as an International Tour Director in 2006.  I spent 11 days with a group of 30 people from Northern California. Going up the pacific west coast of Canada.  Two of those days were on this train seeing things that will never be equaled here in America or, probably anywhere else on earth.
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Think I’m kidding?  I can tell you this: If you were to track down those 30 people and ask them about this trip they took 15 years ago; I can guarantee you the one thing they will remember with clarity is experiencing The Rocky Mountaineer and seeing the Candian Rockies from the train. They may not remember much else about that trip all those years ago, but they will remember the train.  It was THAT impressive of an experience.

Not only did we see nature at its finest through huge, unobstructed windows, but we were also served by some of the best people you could ever want to be served by on a moving train going through some of the most impressive landscape Mother Nature has ever created.

The trains themselves are floating luxury liners. Very comfortable to ride in.  The glass windows are as clear as if they weren’t there. You see everything in first-class comfort.  This train does not have a bad seat on it.   Add to all that, you get excellent narration by the friendly staff. (remember, this is coming from a professional tour director) The service was matched to the train and to the beauty you were witnessing.  That was not easy to do, but they did it with relative ease.

Of all the tours I have ever done, this is the one I will never forget for as long as I live.  The bad thing is that all of my pictures from that adventure are from the early days of digital cameras (2006) and were taken with a 3-megapixel digital camera. They just don’t look good enough for me to want to use them here. But my memories are still very vivid of the experience.
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As Close to Heaven in America?

Doing tours through the Southwestern United States, the one thing I hear a lot from my guests is the majesty of our canyons.  The almost religious experiences they have standing on the rims of the canyons. Several of the canyons can cause even the most hardened person to start to question their disbelief in a higher power as they gaze upon the red rocks and awe-inspiring peaks.

The route this train is taking, over two days, I would have to say is probably as close to the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rockies as you can get here in America.  Starting in Denver, Colorado, and ending in Moab, Utah. And for those of you who have traveled this area here, you know there is some seriously tough competition for the title of the most beautiful canyons here.  So this is a very special route.

the Rocky Mountaineer

The Rockies to the Red Rocks

I Want To Ride!

Obviously, this is not for the budget traveler. However, they are only requiring a $25 deposit to hold your seat right now. And since the first train leaves in August, I have plenty of time to save my change and get a spot on board. That’s my plan so far. I’m seeing this as a special treat for my wife who has been the one keeping me sane and not going ballistic through this long lockdown and the near-death of my career in tourism because of it.

Finally, I need to add that I am an old train fanatic.  So the idea of moving this train down from Canada for tours interests me even more.  I am wanting to follow their journey. I would love to see what, when, and how they bring the trains down to Denver.  So look for more updates as I learn more about the entire adventure. One way or another, I will be there and I will have updates here as we move into 2021.

FYI: I will post if I learn of any Las Vegas tour operators who are operating any tours from here.

What Are Your Thoughts?


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