The A380’s Never Saw Las Vegas

When I first arrived in Las Vegas, I was a chauffeur on the Strip. As a blossoming aviation geek (AvGeek), I loved being sent to the airport for an inbound international flight. That meant I would have time to just sit and ogle all the cool jets coming and going.  Especially the Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747. That was my all-time favorite plane to spot.

I swear I used to be able to set my watch by the landing of British Airways 747 into Las Vegas.  The wheels would cross the fence line on Eastern Ave at exactly 4:45 pm almost every Mondy, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m not sure if it was always the same pilot, but whoever it was, they were the most dependable, on-time flight at McCarran!

In 2007 Airbus introduced the Airbus A380.  A widebody jet they thought could beat the 747 in size, capacity, and travel business.  However, the one problem with the jet was with its weight, its wide-body, and massive Rolls-Royce engines, it was limited to only a few airports here in the USA.

This limitation was mainly due to the turbulence caused as this massive piece of flying machinery came in for a landing.  No other jets could be anywhere near its flight path. Not to mention what it took to maneuver this beast around the tarmac!

McCarran International Airport (LAS), with its closeness to population, surrounded by tall buildings, as well as just being a very busy airport, banned the plane from landing here except for emergency purposes.

Airbus A380

Two Skybridges to help load and unload mega jets faster

However, when constructing the new terminal three in 2012, they took into consideration the future of the jumbo jet and built two gates specifically to serve an A380 or similar jet.  They built the gates with two skybridges. The A380 at 550 to 800 passengers, is truly a double-decker plane and would need at least two jetways for faster loading and unloading.  I bet you never noticed that, did you??

The A380 Never Landed Here

Las Vegas, with its millions of tourists from all over the world flying in here, we see just about every type of plane imaginable from every corner of the globe. Even the Concorde and the Russian Antonov An-225 Mriya — flew into McCarran.

Being Las Vegas and being the entertainment capital of the world, you would expect that such a plane like the A380 would have made at least one appearance here.  But nope!  The A380 has never landed here.

However, they do/did land into LAX.  In 2018, Los Angeles International Airport was handling on average, about 14 A380 flights per day.  Being Las Vegas and being located in the middle of the Mojave desert, we are designated as an emergency landing field for LAX and we could handle the A380’s.

I actually got excited last year when I heard there was a chance to finally see one here in Las Vegas.  Right before COVID hit, there was a request made by British Airlines to have two of them land here as a charter for CES Weekend.  This was to be a test for future scheduled flights.  But obviously, that never happened.  Both Virgin and BA have since mothballed or sold all of their A380’s and almost all of their 747’s. So no need to talk about that!

Emirates A380

That’s just one huge piece of flying engineering!!

The A380 will Never Land Here

With COVID lockdowns, the near-death of air travel, and now the ingrained fear of ever being able to sit or stand next to another person, the need for such a large jet no longer exists.

The last A380 rolled off the assembly line in France in August of 2020.  Of the 272 built since 2005,  Emirates, the airline owned by the government of Dubai, owns 122 of them and is taking delivery in November of the final three planes ever built.

With over half of the A380’s existing being owned by an airline that doesn’t fly into Las Vegas and the other airlines mothballing or scraping them as we speak, that makes the chances of Las Vegas-based AVgeeks seeing this big bird land here slim to none. And that’s kinda sad to know…

Boeing 747:
1969 – 2022
1,565 built

Airbus A380
2005 – 2021
272 built

Am I the only one who is sad to not see this in Las Vegas?


Current Mask Policy For Las Vegas Airlines

Did you know that Las Vegas’ main airport, McCarran International Airport, is the 8th busiest airport in the United States?  In a normal year, over 40 million travelers will pass through its gates!

In the midst of this COVID pandemic, no matter your thoughts or feeling on this issue, each airline has a mandatory policy about wearing masks. Who needs to wear them, how to wear them and what is an acceptable mask to wear.

I thought it was time to look at the current mask policy for each of the five top airlines serving Las Vegas.  This was the current policy of each named airline to the best of my knowledge as of this date. Please understand that these policies will change frequently, so Please check with the airline you are planning to fly for up-to-date information.

As of this writing and to the best of my research, here are the mask policies of the top five airlines serving Las Vegas, Nevada.


Southwest Airlines Las Vegas

1. Southwest Airlines:

This is the world’s largest low-cost carrier airline and the busiest airline at McCarren Airport. They have 121 scheduled destinations in the United States and ten additional countries.

Here is how they manage mask policy to ensure your better health.

1.1 Do You Need to Wear a Mask at Southwest Airlines?

According to federal law, from age 2 to above, all are required to wear a face mask. You need to wear it at the airport, throughout the flight, deplaning, and departure. A face mask should be snugly fitted against the sides of the face. It must cover the nose and mouth properly. Whether you are vaccinated or not, face masks are mandatory for all.

1.2 What types of face masks are allowed at Southwest Airlines? 

They have allowed these types of face masks:

  • N95
  • Medical respirators
  • Cloth mask made with two or more layers of washable and breathable fabric.
  • Neck gaiters or multi-bands, if it has two or more layers. Otherwise, fold it to make two layers.
  • Clear mask or cloth mask with a plastic panel – It will help communicate with a hearing-impaired person or those who need to see the speaker’s mouth to understand speech.

If you refuse to wear the mask, it will be considered a violation of federal law. It may result in denial of boarding, removal from the aircraft, and/or penalties under federal law.

1.3 How Can You Take a Flight at Southwest Airlines If You Want Exemption from Face Covering?

If you can’t wear a mask because of disability, several conditions apply that must be adhered to before traveling to get the exemption. Know those conditions here.

Spirit Airlines Las Vegas

2. Spirit Airlines 

Spirit Airlines is the second busiest airline flying into Las Vegas.

Here is their mask policy to keep the passengers safe during travel.

2.1 What’s Regarding Face Masks at Spirit Airlines?

Like most other airlines, from age two and above, you are required to wear a face mask. They work according to Federal law and require the customer/traveler/guest to wear an appropriate face covering at airports and flights.

2.2 What Type of Face Mask Can You Wear at Spirit Airlines?

A face mask that fits snugly is allowed at Spirit Airlines. It must cover the nose and mouth and be secured under the chin.

Your mask must have at least two layers of fabric. So, your face mask can be a disposable non-medical face mask, multi-layered cloth face covering. If your mask contains mesh material or valve, is open-chin triangle bandanas or only face shield without wearing a mask will not consider as a face covering.

2.3 What If You Can’t Wear a Mask Due to Disability? Do Spirit Airlines Allow You Exemption from Face Covering? 

Yes, they allow. Spirit Airlines will interpret and vet through a strict approval process if that disability is recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Know this disabilities list and much more related here.

They require you to ask them for face mask exemption 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. You need to come 3 hours before the flight so that medical experts screen you and decide about face mask exemption.

You are not permitted to remove the mask at the airport or during the flight just because you find mask-wearing difficult.

3. Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines is renowned for its domestic as well as international flights, founded in 1925, 96 years ago. This airline is offering flights to 300 destinations in 60 countries.

Here are their mask policies to make this possible.

3.1 When Need to Wear a Face Mask When Traveling at Delta Airlines?

According to federal law and Delta Airlines policy, all customers, partners, and employees are instructed to wear a mask all time. It means, from entering the airport, using public transit, boarding, during the flight, and deplaning, you must wear the mask. Whether you are vaccinated, Delta Airlines still want you to wear the mask for your better safety.

3.2 Which Types of Face Masks Are Allowed at Delta Airlines?

This is the most anticipated question when talking about masks. People are truly concerned about picking a suitable mask with their clothes that look perfect on them. So, here is the answer.

Delta Airlines only allows you these masks:

  • Disposable surgical or medical masks
  • N95 or KN95 – Valve-free respirator masks
  • Tightly woven fabric cloth masks. 2 or 3 ply masks are recommended.
  • Fabric masks with a clear plastic window and gaiters with two layers; if yours contains single-layer gaiters, it should be doubled over.

Any mask with an exhaust valve is not acceptable in Delta or Delta connection-operated flights.

3.3 Are Children Required to Wear a Face Mask?

For children and their parents’ ease, children under the age of 2 are not required to wear a face mask.

3.4 Can You Still Take a Flight on Delta Airlines, If You Can’t Wear a Mask or There’s Any Special Requirement for It?

If you are a person with a unique disability, we give you a friendly suggestion to reconsider your traveling decision.

Delta Airlines wants you to complete the ‘Clearance to fly’ procedure before departure at the airport for a smooth flight experience if you still want to go. If you want exemption from mask policies required due to your unique disability, Delta airlines encourage you to come an hour before check-in to complete the procedure and avoid missing the flight. Know further

False claim of any disability to get exemption from mask policies will result in the suspension of travel privileges at Delta Airlines or may be reported to appropriate government authorities.

4. United Airlines: 

United Airlines is the major airline operating a large domestic and international route network spanning cities large and small across the United States and all six continents.

Here are their face covering policy to ensure a healthy environment.

4.1 Do All Customers Require to Wear Masks at United Airlines? If Yes, When?

Yes, all travelers from age 2 to above are required to use a face mask. According to Federal law, you need to wear the mask in the airport, including customer service counters, airport lounges, gates, and baggage claim, and onboard during their entire flight.

4.2 What Type of Face Mask Can You Wear at United Airlines? 

A face mask that is comfortable and perfectly fits and fully covers the mouth and nose with no vents and openings is allowed at United Airlines. Bandanas and face shields alone are not considered as a face covering.

Refusing to wear a face mask is considered a breach of federal law. It may result in a fine that is upto $35,000, or you will not be transported and lose the privilege to travel on United Airlines.

4.3 How Can You Get Exemption from Wearing a Face Mask at United Airlines Because Of Any Medical Condition and Disability?

United Airlines is allowing exemption through a multi-step approach if someone wants exemption due to disability and medical condition. For this, you should submit documents at

You must submit a mask exemption request form 7 days before scheduled departure. It must be filled by your treating medical provider regarding disability and medical condition. Know further


5. Allegiant Air:

Allegiant Air is the fourteenth largest commercial airline in North America and one of the low-cost air carriers that operates and schedule charter flights. It is famous for cheap flights & hotel deals on vacation packages to top destinations.

Here’s what their mask policy is to contribute to ensuring the better health of people.

5.1 Do You Need to Wear the Mask at Allegiant Air?

Yes, because they also work according to federal law. You must wear a mask that perfectly fits against the face, covers the nose and mouth, and is secured under the chin. Mask must be made of solid material. Children under the age of 2 are exempt from face covering.

5.2 What Type of Masks Can You Not Use at Allegiant Air?

Any face mask made of mesh or lace means containing holes and containing valve are not allowed. Neck gaiters, bandanas, and face shields alone would not be considered as a proper face covering or an alternative to a face mask.

Refusing to wear the face mask consider a violation of federal law. It may result in denial of boarding, removal from the aircraft, and additional penalties.

5.3 What If You Can’t Wear a Mask Because Of Disability or Medical Condition?

Allegiant Air cares for you. Suppose a person has a disability that can’t allow that person to remove the mask by themselves or have any medical conditions that prevent them from face covering. In that case, Allegiant Air wants you to submit documents at To get the exemption, you must submit this face mask exemption ten days prior to the flight. Know more.

When Can You Take Off the Mask When on A Flight with Any of The Above 5 Airlines?

Either Delta, Southwest, United, Spirit, or Allegiant airlines all allow you briefly remove face-covering to eat, drink, or take oral medication. But you must wear the face-covering during bites and sips. Prolong removal of face masks is not permitted as it can be dangerous to your health.


Final Thoughts

As silly or asinine as these rules are, they are what they are and we need to follow them in order to maintain some semblance of “freedom to travel”.  And like the supposed virus itself, these rules will change as the wind blows, so please, once or if you choose an airline to fly, check their individual website for any changes to these rules.

Your thoughts or comments are always welcomed!



Losing The Sands

The news came out last week that Las Vegas will finally lose one of the most iconic names on the Las Vegas Strip. Although many newcomers probably never even knew that it still existed, at least in the name form.

Scott Roeben’s Vital Vegas broke the news that what has been called since it was built in 1990, “The Sands Expo”, one of the world’s largest privately-owned convention centers is changing its name to better match the name of the resort it’s attached to. Starting in September, it will be known as “The Venetian Expo”.

In 1989, Sheldon Adelson and his group purchased the aging Sands casino then imploded the resort to build the Venetian and then the Pallazo.  Combined, it is now the largest hotel in the world.

Movie buffs will remember at the end of the 1997 movie CON AIR, the doomed prisoner plane crash lands on the Las Vegas Strip and ends up crashing in the main tower of the Sands. By that point, a majority of the resort had already been demolished, they saved the implosion of the front tower and entrance for the explosive movie climax (and let the studio pay for it all).

Although he demolished the resort and built a new resort with a new name, Sheldon wanted the memory of the infamous resort to live on. Mr. Adelson even changed the name of his company to The Las Vegas Sands Corporation.  Then in 1990, when he built the convention center, he called it the Sands Expo.

But times change. Sheldon Adelson passed away in January and in March, the Las Vegas resorts were sold for $6.2 Billion.

The Curious History of the Sands resort

The Sands casino resort, the renowned landmark, opened its doors in 1952 as a casino and resort with 200 rooms. . It was established by Mack Kufferman, and this new gambling resort set Las Vegas in the national spotlight as the center of entertainment and a place for celebrity hangouts.

The problems started at the beginning. Mack Kufferman, who planned to make the Sands hotel a casino, had failed to gain the gaming license, and his project shares were sold to Jake Freedman.

According to many resources, crime bosses Doc Stacher and Meyer Lansky acquired shares in it. Also, many other organized crime figures, illegal bookmakers like Mike Shapiro, Ed Levinson, and Sid Wyman, Hyman Abrams, and Jack Entratter were involved in the financing of Sands and had shares in it.

The Sands?

Initially, Freedman intended to name the hotel based on the film name ‘Holiday Inn’ released in 1942. But when being there and saw that his socks were full of sand, he decided to name it Sands (which is also the name of a race track). So, really. it was named after a race track.

However, its tagline, “A place in the sun” was named after a recently released film at that time. This idea suits the hot desert place perfectly where Sands casino resort was located.

The Famous Came Out For The Sands’ Grand Opening 

Not only the famous stars were invited but there are also more surprising details of the inauguration.

Sands Casino Opening

Sands opening advertisement on Billboard in 1952.

12,000 people visited the Sands casino resort in the first few hours of opening because it was so widely publicized.

The celebrities Arlene Dahl, Fernando Lamas, Esther Williams, and Terry Moore were invited as special guests. Moreover, there were 146 journalists at the inauguration.

Opening Night Performers

Some of the most renowned stars Danny Thomas, Jimmy McHughRay Sinatra, and his Orchestra were the initial house band, and the Copa girls, labeled “the most beautiful girls in the world” performed at inauguration night.

These performances were held in the casino’s showroom, Copa room which was the signature attraction of Sands casino resort.

Actor Danny Thomas was hired to perform for the first two weeks of the inauguration but plans needed to be changed on the second night because he had laryngitis.

Therefore, more famous stars were hired to replace Danny Thomas. Those were Jimmy Durante, Frankie Laine, Jane Powell, the Ritz Brothers, and Ray Anthony.

Jack Entratter, nicknamed “Mr. Entertainment,” took the manager position at the Sands, who was best known for his managing positions at New York Club, Copacabana. He brought numerous brightest stars of the day to the casino’s Copa Room. That made Copa the hottest ticket in America and one of the most coveted stages for performers.

The Sands and The Rat Pack 

When crime bosses Doc Stacher and Meyer Lansky acquired shares in Sands, they attracted Frank Sinatra (Member of Rat Pack, greatest musician of 20th century and best-selling musical artist of all time) to Sands. Moreover, Sinatra made his performing debut in October 1953 at Sands after an invitation from its manager Jack Entratter. Later he bought shares in the hotel and started living there during his breaks from Hollywood.

According to sources, Sinatra was not a hardcore gambler. He earned notoriety for “keeping his winnings and ignoring his losses.” The interesting part is that the mobsters involved in financing and had shares in Sands were not concerned about Frank Sinatra’s actions because Sinatra was good for business and kept bringing in the big rollers.

Films Shot at The Sands

1960, a caper film “Ocean’s 11” was shot at Sands.

1972 the Sands hosted several scenes for the movie “The Godfather

1997 – CON AIR – final demolition of the Sands main tower and casino for the ending of the movie

The Famous Owners

Howard Hughes / Summa Corporation Owned it from 1967 to 1988.

In 1983, Summa Corp had sold it to Pratt Corporation, but the new owner could not operate at a profit, and Summa regained the property.

1988 MGM Grand owned it for a few months before selling it to Interface Group.

1989 Interface group became Las Vegas Sands Corporation headed by Sheldon Adelson.

In a glance at history, one owner sold the Sands to another because their idea was not fulfilled as they wanted, or they were unable to make a profit.

Sands had 44 years of successful history regardless of who had purchased it.

Renowned Faces That Passed Through the Doors of Sands:

America’s center of attention, Sands attracted the most renowned, respected, and influential people of America. Here are a few more names other than the above-listed famous celebrities (actors and singers).

Rat Pack and their many friends – Musical group and group of entertainers

Jerry Lewis – The King of Comedy

Author Mario Puzo – Best author of crime novels

Apollo astronauts – of that time

Adnan Khashoggi – Wealthy Saudi Arms Dealer

Ronald Reagan – 40th President of U.S.

Out with the Old, in with the New 

In 1996, Sands introduced a 500-room tower in its exciting system. It gained more popularity after that and became the first of several hotels purchased by Howard Hughes (the most influential and financially successful individual). After the purchase, its final owners were  Sheldon Adelson, Richard Katzeff, Ted Bernard, Irwin Chafetz, and Jordan Shapiro. After buying out its partners, Sheldon Adelson closed it in June 1996 (25 years ago) to build a brand-new resort.

In 1989 the Sands Hotel began construction on the Sands convention center. At its completion in 1990, it was the only privately owned and operated convention center in the United States and was the second-largest convention center in the world. Today it boasts 2.2 million square feet.  As a comparison, The public-owned Las Vegas Convention Center encompasses 3.2 million square feet of total building space


Dehydrated? Know What Color Your Pee Is

Yes, I know… Las Vegas has dry heat.  However, hot is hot, and with dry heat, you can dehydrate faster than you realize.  Dehydration can kill you… So, knowing what color your urine can save your life!


Its summer in Las Vegas. That means it’s going to be hot outside. Real Hot! If you plan to walk the Las Vegas Strip or take a hike in one of our National Parks in this heat, it’s important to know what color your pee is. Seriously.  I’m betting you are wondering why I said that.   Glad you asked…

The color of your urine will tell you (or the rescuers) just how dehydrated you are.  If you didn’t know, Las Vegas is located smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and in the summertime, it gets really hot, really fast.  Not only do we have high heat, but we also have very low humidity levels.  That can mean you can become dehydrated faster than you realize.  Knowing the color of your urine can help you determine your level of hydration.

In other words: Stay Hydrated!

Want to go for a hike?  Hike in the early hours of the day. Dress in layers and wear breathable (cotton) clothing. Take water. Lots of water with you.  Take more water than you think you will need in case you are delayed, trapped, or need to help a fellow hiker who did not prepare for the elements. As well, drink a sports drink to help balance out the electrolytes.  Plus, you need to carry a salty snack with you.

cooling towels for hiking in the desert

Keep Wet, Keep Cool

In the summer, in the canyons or on a tour, I am always carrying several Cooling Towels.  Keep them wet, wrap them around your neck.  As well, don’t be afraid to share with others who may not have been as prepared as you are.  Cooling towels will help keep your body temperature under control. They are cheap and so easy to carry with you.

Water, Water, and More Water

camelbak will keep you wet with water

Carry Water with you. I recommend you get a  Camelbaks/water bladders. It’s like a backpack but filled with water. If you need to use plastic bottles (eek!) don’t forget to carry them out with you when empty.  “Pack out what you pack in” . Take the trash you created with you.  Want some brownie points?? Be a good steward of the lands and pick up some of the trash left by others. It will make you feel good and help keep our parks a little cleaner.

National Park Water Stations

Bottle Filling Stations

On some of the more popular trails in the National Parks, they are installing refill stations.  If your trail or park has one, please use it!  This helps keep the amount of litter down.  I often travel with a refillable water bottle.  It’s become my best friend when riding around town or out walking the trails.  My Favorite Water Bottle is the Thermoflask

Pack Out What You Pack In!

Let me repeat myself.  If you are going to carry disposable bottles of water (and other packaged goods) into the National Parks with you, take them back out with you.  My absolute pet peeve when hiking is finding trash,  or watching others who empty a plastic water bottle and leave it on the trail or in a tree.  Why do that?  Why can’t you use it and take it back out with you??  You brought it in full. You can carry it out empty!

The best part is that now it’s not full, which means it will be smaller when you pack it out compared to when you packed it in. So take it out with you!!  When I see some idiot liter the trails, I just want to bury their lazy ass in the desert!! SO don’t do it!!

So What Color is Your Pee?

So now we get to the reason for this post.  The important part of safe hiking and hydration.  When outside in the heat for any reason;  you need to know your health status. Are you nearing the point of dehydration?  Are you past the safety point?  To know that answer, you need to check the color of your pee. It’s that simple!

How Hydrated Are You?

Image Courtesy of NPS

Health Tip:  If you are feeling the need to drink water, you are already dehydrated and need to stop, get into the shade and drink water. Drink a sports drink to help balance out the lost electrolytes. Enjoy a salty snack and just relax.

Don’t ruin a wonderful trip to the beautiful desert. Don’t make your next stop a trip to the emergency room.  Save a Park Ranger some time and not need to be rescued.  Stay aware, stay healthy, and stay focused.  Know what color your pee is and keep it bright and pure by drinking plenty of water!!

(Originally posted Jul 19, 2019)

91 Years Ago Today

On this day, 91 years ago today, July 30, 1930, President Herbert Hoover officially authorized the immediate start of construction of Hoover Dam in Black canyon. A 35 miles jaunt outside of what was then, the little town of Las Vegas, Nevada.

President Hoover signed the Appropriation Bill (as part of the Boulder Canyon Project Act), and so Ray Lyman Wilbur, Secretary of the Interior, sent Order No. 436 to Dr Elwood Mead, Commissioner of Reclamation, which read: “You are directed to commence construction on Boulder Dam today.”

From what I have seen in the history books (and I’ve read a lot of them), that’s pretty much how it happened in sequence on this day.  Signed, sealed, and then immediately delivered!

boulder city

People and a Place to Call Home

Six Companies Incorporated, the official contractor for the project could now officially start building what is acknowledged as one of the greatest mechanical wonders on earth. Even the experts of the day didn’t think it would work. That Hoover was just using this as a jobs program to get America back on its feet and people working again.  Yet, here we are, 95 years later, still amazed at its brilliance.

The little company town of Boulder City came alive.  Boulder City was an efficiently run, well-ordered company town built by the Federal Government to house most of the workers and their families.

Over the next 5 years, while the Great Depression played out, thousands of desperate unemployed men and their families would make their move to Las Vegas, hoping to get hired on for the project.

An average payroll of 3,000 workers with peak employment of 5,251 workers in 1934.  96 men officially lost their lives building the dam while the actual death toll is rumored to be around 4-500 workers.

The first official death on the project actually happened on December 20, 1922, J.G. Tierney drowned while surveying in the waters of the Colorado River.  The final official death on the project was Patrick Tierney, 13 years to the day.  December 20, 1935.  yes, father and son!


What’s in a Name

The dam project started out as “The Dam In Boulder Canyon”  because that’s where the federal government first proposed putting the dam.  In Boulder Canyon, about 20 miles north of where the dam is today.

As the project started to become real, the name started to take on a new meaning, especially when it was decided to move the project closer to the village of Las Vegas in a place called Black Canyon. Black Canyon was better suited for creating the needed reservoir behind the dam (Lake Mead). As well as being closer to a labor pool (Las Vegas).

Hubert Hoover had his handprints all over this project. First, as an engineer, helping to pinpoint the best geological location. Then later as the Secretary of the Interior who helped negotiate the water rights treaty between the seven states where the Colorado River flowed.  To being President when it became a reality. Hoover had called it “the greatest engineering work of its character ever attempted by the hand of man.”

Hoover was a republican, so the democrats in Washington used the name “Boulder Dam” and the Republicans used the name “Hoover Dam” – For every legal document you find that says its name was Boulder Dam, you can find a legal document claiming its name was always Hoover Dam. Then you have the one you see most often in the construction documents; “The Dam In Boulder Canyon”.

On September 30, 1935, newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) dedicated the completed dam using the name “Boulder Dam”.  In 1947, Congress passed legislation officially designating the name of the dam in honor of the president who had a lot to do with its creation. Hoover Dam.

Purpose of the Dam

The dam would tame the flood-prone Colorado River protecting cities and farms while generating cheap electricity to supply power to homes and industry, and providing work for thousands who desperately needed jobs. This helped settle the west and prove to the world that America can do anything it sets its mind to do. This made it possible for people to feel safe and confident about moving westward. That you would find a steady flow of water and a steady flow of electricity.

High scalers Hoover Dam, 1932

Don’t you love all those safety harnesses they used back in the day??

Hoover Dam by the Numbers

  • Hoover Dam was built for just $49 million ($962 million in 2021 dollars)
  • The sale of electrical power generated by the dam was used to pay for the revenue bonds used to pay for the building of the dam
  • The last revenue bond was repaid with interest in 1987
  • Hoover Dam is one of the only federal-funded projects to be debt-free
  • 4.4 million cubic yards of concrete
  • 88 million pounds of plate steel and outlet pipes
  • 6.7 million pounds of pipe and fittings
  • 45 million pounds of reinforced steel
  • 726 feet (221 meters) above Black Canyon
  • 660 feet (201 meters) wide at the base
  • 1,244 feet (379 meters) across at the top
  • It weighs 6.6 million tons
  • Lake Mead, created by the building of the dam, can hold 9 trillion gallons of water