Do You Know Old Las Vegas? Let’s Talk!

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Several years ago, I did a project for Las Vegas Terrioroires where I interviewed some of the members who worked in the Las Vegas tourism world. If they told me they lived here their entire lives and or their families were here for a generation or two, I was ecstatic. This allowed me to ot take the interview in a new direction. To talk about them, and their families growing up here.

I Wanted More

Their stories and their answers to my questions was a fun trip down memory lane for them.  And I wanted more.  So I decided that someday I want to take that on as a project. Find others who have lived in Las Vegas for decades and those who had family here for decades.  I want those stories!

Can We Talk About Old Las Vegas

If you are or if you know of anyone who has lived here for decades or even generations, I ant to hear the stories. I have a few questions that will get the memories, the laughter and the emotions flowing.  I want to capture that.

In an audio interview or my preferred way would be a video so I get the emotions right.  We can do in Person (maybe not right now) or via the interest. Skype or Google Hangouts.  It’s easy, I can step you through the hookups. If you have a webcam the better it works…


Here are some older examples of interviews I have done.

If this sounds like you want to help, contact me! 

Mark Anthony

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