EDC 2014 – It Ain’t NASCAR

This past weekend marked the 18th annual Electric Daisy Carnival.  The third for Las Vegas.  Otherwise referred to by locals as “EDC”, held out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  What is it?  It’s 134,000 twenty-somethings who never heard real music played by real musicians, getting together, dressing up silly and pretending they are attending a dumbed-down version of Burning Man in the deserts of Las Vegas.  For three nights….

It’s a deal with the devil for the powers that operate Las Vegas (The suits of MGM and Caesars).  You have a whole bunch of young people willing to pay top dollar for a hotel room for three nights in the summer.  All those filled rooms have a hefty room tax that directly pays for the over the top, obscene salaries of the politically connected friends who brought us the “What Happens here Stays Here” commercials…  They are the people of whats called the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority.  Most people know that as the friendlier sounding LVCA.

So they get the room tax and the big salaries.  So they are fat, happy and content.  But the EDC fans being young with money means they are not in the gambling dens, the night clubs or the over expensive bar food filled restaurants.  No, when not dancing to high paid digital record spinners in the desert night air, they are either sleeping it all off or lounging by the pool…  So the rest of the Vegas money machine suffers, including tours and tour guides!

EDC 2014 stages

Where as NASCAR will attract 300,000 fans.  Half of them will fill the stands at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for three days of racing while the other half will fill the gambling dens and restaurants while watching the race in spoiled comfort.  Two different worlds, same location.

Eye Candy

I’m not condoning either of the events.  Just looking at how different they are from each other.  Its nice to have an event like EDC here in the dull days of summer to fill the speedway at night when its a little cooler and not filled with fumes of racing engines.

Its also fun to watch the reactions from other tourists who were not aware they planned their vacation the same weekend as the furry, barely dressed, just out of their teen years party crowd…  As they wander from the hotels to the shuttle bus location dressed in their EDC outfits that barely cover the good parts and looking all lit up for fun…  Yes, People Watching in Las Vegas is a sport.  I am a man… See me smile…


Like NASCAR, this is a big enough event that Nellis Airbase allowed the shuttle buses to use their runways to move around and not clog up too much of our highways on their way to and from the race track.  They don’t do that for just anybody…

Photo Credits: A Huge Thanks to Tom Donoghue for the photos!

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