Finding the Amazon Lockers on The Vegas Strip (video)

So you’re coming to Vegas and not sure what all to bring?  Maybe you are coming here for a convention and need to order a few things that you forgot?  For many people, that would mean hitting up Amazon and having it delivered to your home or office.  But what about those times you are in Las Vegas?  How can you get the Amazon package delivered to your hotel and not worry about it being stolen, lost or mishandled?  In steps Amazon Lockers.

Yes, I know you can find just about anything you would ever need in the world within a few miles of the Las Vegas Strip. But sometimes you don’t have the time or ability to leave what you are doing here and go looking for it.  And now I read that some of the hotels will no longer let you ship packages to the front desk for pickup later.  or they require you to have them shipped to the business/conference center and may incur a charge.  (No firm source to cite on that one. Just what I read on the boards).

Amazon lockers are found all over Las Vegas, usually at a 7-11 or a convenience store on a busy corner.  Currently, there is only one on the Las Vegas Strip and its at the Linq Promenade.  That new shopping area between the Flamingo and the Linq/Quad/Imperial Palace Resort.

Never Heard of Amazon Lockers?

They are the latest ideas coming out of the giant E-C0ommerce company.  A way to save them a few dollars in shipping and handling costs while giving their customers a safe and convenient way to pick up and return packages.

Find Amazon Lockers on Las Vegas Strip

When you order something from Amazon, you get the choice to have it shipped to your regular shipping address or to a locker.  If you chose a locker, you get a name of the locker set and a code that will open the unit that has your package in it.  Same goes for returning items.  You log into Amazon, request a return then pick out a locker where you will drop the package off at, they send you a code.  Once you enter the code, a specific locker will pop open and you put the package in there instead of sending ot the local UPS store or mailing location.  You have a set number of days or hours to use that code.

The Amazon Lockers at the Linq are in a small room and are available 24 hours a day.  The name of the lockers is “linq” . That’s pretty easy to remember!

I don’t know about your household but in mine, my wife, Debbie is an Amazon Prim-aholic. I swear I will need to enroll her in some 12-step program after the holidays… Me? Not one to be impressed at first order, but you really do get used to all the free stuff you get with it.  It is addictive.

Hope this helped. If you have any questions about Las Vegas, let me know. Contact The Vegas Tourist


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Update: As Of November 15, 2017. International Visitors, When you click an Amazon link anywhere on our website, you will be redirected to your local or nearest Amazon marketplace so you can see pricing in your local currency and have reasonable, if not free shipping costs.


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