It’s Getting Ugly Around Here

The following post was never meant to ever see the light of day.  I wrote it as a rant to let off some steam, than bury it in my files.

That was until news about the Golden Rainbow Ribbon of Life fundraising event for HIV Patients, hit the wires.

Now all bets are off…

This is a major fundraising event that includes almost the “who’s who” of Las Vegas entertainment performing at the gala.

In years past, it WAS a worthy event to support.  Not so anymore.  They took a great cause and a great event and turned it into a political soapbox for the Democratic Party.

Now I don’t mind a show making digs at the leaders, just remember that the rug cuts both ways.  Doing so at your own show is one thing.  But to do a one sided political bashing at a fundraising event loaded with politically powerful people from BOTH parties with their checkbooks open and ready to write a check??

What were the producers thinking?  Or weren’t they??

After reading some of the blogs and the reports from the event, I think some of these people will be looking elsewhere to donate their hard earned cash and seeking a more respectful organization to support.

Funny thing is that the political party they spoofed is the party that has increased HIV/AIDS research and funding over the political party this group apparently supports.

So, as you can tell by the title of this post…. Here is my rant:

Just three days after Democrat Senator Harry Reid found out whom he faces in the November elections, the Obama/Reid thug machine arrived in Las Vegas and started to get to work.

If we learned one thing since the last election, nothing is off limits and Obama/Reid will stop at nothing to secure victory.  Truth and facts be damned.

We can tell it’s going to be a long and dirty fight because the first shot fired by Reid is a visit from impeached former co-president Bill Clinton.  Chanting “Don’t blame Harry Reid” for record high unemployment, record high foreclosures and huge deficits.  His answer: Blame Bush!  (That line got real old last year)

No, Harry wasn’t the one making the back room deals to push through Obamacare or the bailouts of Goldman Sachs or handing General Motors over to the unions at taxpayer expense.  No, as the most senior senator in Washington, Harry had nothing to do with any of that!!  Yea, right.

Now if an impeached, former president is your opening act… can you imagine what’s to follow?  I expect to see Reverend Wright here next week, followed by Mexico president  Felipe Calderon and maybe a few other honorable and distinguished gentlemen signing Harry’s praises.

This senate election is so important that President Obama is taking precious time away from managing that oil spill, just to visit us in July.  Wonder what he will say about Las Vegas this time??

I also expect to see anyone close to Sharon Angle (his opponent) to suddenly getting tax audits and investigations into the backgrounds of all their family and friends.  With all the dirt being “accidentally“ leaked to the media…  AKA “Joe the Plumber” and Sara Palin.

Why should you care?  Because if you live in the United States of America, the outcome of this senate race will impact you in ways you never imagined.  So both sides will pull out everything they have to make sure they win.  The good ideas, the bad ideas, and even the questionable ideas will used.

Think of this:  President Obama has a mission to carry out and without his water boy – Harry Reid – He is just a lame duck, teleprompter reading president. Obama needs Harry to stay in power in order for him to stay in power.

After the Massachusetts embarrassment, President Obama can’t take another defeat like that one and will do anything in his power to make sure it doesn’t happen.  The scary thing is that a sitting president has a lot of power to make things happen his way.

So with millions of dollars to play with from every imaginable source, a Chicago style campaign machine warmed up and a national media that will believe and report anything Obama/Reid  say as fact, they are ready for some down and dirty, hardball politics.

Because of Harry Reid’s importance to the Obama mission, they will make the Nevada Senate election headline news until November.  You just gotta get used to it.

The good side of all this is the temporary jobs that will be created.  Remember TARP?  The bailout money.  Not all of it was spent.  A large chunk was put into reserve for moments like this:  trying to save endangered democrats like Harry with suddenly “new” projects just in time for the election.

So now we have a solar farm being expanded and a geo-thermal plant being expanded.  Both could only survive with Federal stimulus money.  Both are using union labor (surprise) and both are sending all the new electricity to bankrupt California.  Thanks Harry!

There is one other job creator Harry helped make.  The “Dump Harry Reid” sign printing business is going into over time….

Is it November Yet??

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is The Vegas Tourist! Popular Tourism Ambassador, a frequent contributor to Las Vegas forums as well as travel media and bloggers. Loves to help people discover new things to see, do and experience while visiting Las Vegas and Beyond!

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