La Bayou Casino No More

Derek Stevens plans for his growing downtown empire are still not known.  What is known is that one of his latest purchases has been turned to dust.  The La Bayou Casino, once know as the Coin Castle and was home to the very first gaming license issued in Nevada, is now gone.

The place remembered by most Vegas tourists for its cheap daiquiris by the yard, its tacky Mardi-Gras theme, as well as the beads passed out by the 1000’s nightly.  The tiny grind joint was purchased earlier this year along with its neighbors across the Fremont Street Experience; Mermaids and the Girls of Glitter Gulch strip club, by Derek and his brother Greg Stevens, who already own The D and Golden Gate as well as the now-closed Las Vegas Club.

With its demolition, it suspected that Derek Stevens will expand the casino footprint of the Golden Gate or maybe add a larger outdoor bar/restaurant facing the Experience.  Giving us yet another observation point to watch all the craziness and gaudiness of the almost enclosed mall.  Knowing his joy of being a flashy salesman for all things downtown, Derek could probably make it a raised floor observation platform and charge an entrance fee!

La Bayou Casino Now Dust



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