Lingerie Football… err.. Legends Football Home Opener!!!

Las Vegas Sin wins home opener


Finally, the powers that be for lingerie football made some serious changes as they over-expand globally. One is to try not to push the sexy side of the game (yea, really??) and push them as “Legends Football League”.  That just means that the stationary doesn’t have to be changed, saving them some coin.  It’s still the LFL.  They also moved the American schedule to a summer format instead of winter…

So on Saturday, the Las Vegas Sin had their home opener against the Green Bay Chill 40-32.  Vegas Sin and the Green Bay Chill; Makes you think if these are the same marketing geniuses who chose the name SLS for the old Sahara! And with two games and two wins under their garter, they are now in line for the playoffs.

I know what you are thinking, two wins in two games make you eligible for playoff berth?? Don’t ask.  Their management are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.  Its tough, beautiful women in nearly nothing clothing, so enjoy the view and thank your lucky stars they are not tackling you… They will hurt you.

Yes, Its Football

As much as you want to Poo-Poo them as pretty damsels in night things playing a game, you can’t.  They are serious in their game.  They will tackle just as fast and hard as almost any semi pro or even some pro teams in the big league.  They hit, they throw, they tackle, they can use locker room language like the best of them… And they do hurt and get hurt.  Its a concrete floor they are playing on!

It’s still a tough game, well played.  Just more fun to watch when compared to the NFL.  Next home game is in July 20.  Tickets at The Orleans Arena.

(Photos: Tom Donoghue)

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