Lingerie FootBall Sunday

While many of you were stuck watching a washed up singer demolish the National Anthem, we were in the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, getting ready for Lingerie Football. Yea, Baby!!

Don’t worry, along with 3,000 other souls, we got to see most of the best commercials and a few of the duds (Budweiser paid for that commercial??). We also saw that the Steelers decided to play like they were the Minnesota Vikings. Pathetic.

Once half-time hit, everything changed.
lingerie football in Las Vegas. We love it, photo Sazzy shotz

It Was Football at it’s Best!

Da’ Women took the field for Lingerie Bowl 8 and showed the pay per view audience that they meant business and they came to play some football!  It was the Los Angeles Temptations going against the Philadelphia Passion.

We were treated to what could only be described as a teenage boys fantasy football team.  It was T&A, wonderful T&A mixed with plenty of knees in sensitive areas, elbows hitting other parts, tough sacks, kicks and tackles like you would see in any regular football match.  Ok, you won’t see a panty grab used as a tackle in NFL, but otherwise the only thing different was that these ladies wore less of everything while being padded and protected in the right areas….

lingerie football, lingerie bowl, sazzy shotz

Watching the warm ups was like watching two different worlds.  The Passion were a train wreck.  Not very disciplined or well organized in stretching and in practice throws.  While on the other side of the arena, we watched what you would see in the NFL;  The Temptations were doing organized endurance drills, proper warm-ups and looked like disciplined players focused on the game they were here to win.

When they snapped the ball, you heard the bodies hit and the action start.  If you were expecting a sissified version of touch football, you were rudely awakened.  They broke every stereotype you may have had with a sport based on sexy women wearing lingerie and playing with pigskin.  This was football and they meant business with every drive, every pass and every tackle.

Philadelphia Passion kept driving a sloppy drive, but getting the score first.  In the process, you had a few hits that would leave the weakest NFL player crying for mommy, while the ladies got up, shrugged it off, fixed their bra straps, tried to make a show out of pulling their panties out of their crack and continued on the play.

In the end, the organized and focused LA Temptations won it with a score of 26-25.

We Get Our team: Yes, Las Vegas gets in on the action too.  We will have The Vegas Sin to cheer on in the fall as part of the expansion of the LFL to 14 teams.

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