New Year’s Eve Fireworks on top of the Trump Tower!

Las Vegas is famous for our fireworks. People come from all over the world to spend New Year’s Eve on the Strip, watch the display of pyrotechnics and celebrate the new year.
On average, about 325,000 people will crowd the Las Vegas Strip for this occasion.

Our friend and fellow photographer, Tom Donoghue, asked us to help him out this year with his duties shooting the show from the top of the Trump International Hotel. How could we say no!!

The simple answer is that there was No Way we were going to say no to an offer like that!

[arve url=”” title=”Watching the Las Vegas New Years Eve Fireworks from Trump Tower” description=”Best place to watch the New Years Eve Fireworks in Las Vegas is from the top of the Trump Tower and we were there!” upload_date=”01/10/2017″ /]

Once in a Lifetime?

Most Las Vegas locals will do the Strip on New years once. Just to say they did it and survived the crowds and the chaos.  Been there, done that, got the head cold.  Nowadays, I like to go down there to watch the crowds assemble as they shut the Strip off to traffic, set up the duck pond and catch the drunks as they start to fill in.

About 9pm, I will go home, snuggle up on the couch with my wife, watch a movie and toast the big moment if we are both still awake. Yes, the exciting life of a Las Vegas local!

This year, Tom asked for some help getting the equipment up to the secured off and back down again afterward.   We got to stay on top and watch the world below us.  It was an amazing and very cold experience.  Being 60 stories above the Strip is a different world. A different weather pattern and a different view of the place we call home.

Thank You, Tom Donoghue, for the invite and the experience!

Mark Anthony

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