NYE Vegas Style

The Vegas Tourist on the strip 2010 New Years Eve

I refer to this as the duckpond.  All the way down the middle of the famed Las Vegas Strip is this fenced off.  If you have ever been to a county fair, you can probably relate.  At most county fairs they have these duck ponds with rubber duckies floating in a circle with a man in the middle.  You get to pluck a duck out, turn it over and see if you won a prize.

Here on the Strip its almost the same concept.  The drunks get to circulate around “The Man” in the middle and when you get drunk beyond Vegas standards (and we know how high those standards are) they pluck you out of the crowd/pond.  Give you a chance to dry off for a while as Metro sees if they got a keeper or they have to put one back in the pond for a later catch…

The Vegas Tourist Welcomes the New Year 2010

This year, despite the horrible economy, (or because of it) over 300,000 showed up to party on the Strip.  A slight uptick from last year and the largest such party west of the Mississippi, according to our friendly tourism officials.

The Vegas Tourist watches the fireworks in Las Vegas


I know I tweeted the fact that Sazzy and myself were thinking of hitting the crowds downtown for the big event.  Saner minds prevailed and we all went off into the desert to watch the fireworks.  That way we could see them all and what a beautiful sight it was.  Even in the freezing 34 degree weather,it was still an awesome thing to see.

Wherever you rang in the New Year,  we hope it was a safe, sane and happy one!!  May 2010 be better for all mankind.

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