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Image Matt Goss Edison Graff/Stardust Fallout Media
Image: Edison Graff/Stardust Fallout Media

You haven’t seen Matt Goss Yet? Really? Why Not?  Well, actually the question came from my darling wife Debbie; “Why haven’t we seen him before tonight?”  To be honest, I didn’t have a really good answer.

I think it goes back to why I founded this website all those years ago. For almost a decade, the usual suspects in the Las Vegas press were calling him the “Amazing” “Must See” “old Vegas meets the new cool”. So, seriously, He can’t be THAT good! Can he?  The answer now is “Yes”

That has now changed and I can now honestly say that I have seen the second coming of Sinatra with a dash of modern cool and hip. The nice thing is that all this talent is unleashed in a very intimate setting where there really can’t be a bad seat in the house and not feel his warmth. Seriously. (for a limited time engagement)

Ok, I used the word “cool” twice in the first 150 words. But in this case, it’s good because it fits.  You mix a modern Sinatra swagger and smooth vocals with today’s hip music, throw in the dashing good looks and charms of a Sean Connery version of an early 007 James Bond, and you can get the picture. That’s Matt Goss.

Image: Petra Jezkova/Cashman Photo

You Are There

At the 1 Oak Nite Club in the Mirage, we were greeted very professionally as if it were a show at the Sands when you were expected to be dressed to be out on the town.  Seated with a great view of the stage. The drink service is fast and friendly. Ask about the “Gossy” featured drinks!  Then the lights go down and the music starts up.  The stage is a few feet from almost every seat and the mood is set.

Matt Goss comes from behind the stage looking just as you would have expected Frank to look as he took the stage.  Dark suit, hair slicked back, fedora and the voice that just gets everyone’s attention and like Frank, he commands the room the rest of the night without anybody complaining.

He opened with a few Sinatra songs, then took it up a notch with songs from his Bro days. From there, he did a chilling cover of “Hotel California” and from there, I didn’t care if he sang the phone book, I was hooked.  You will be too.

Matt Goss Loves You Being There

Here’s the thing, you can go to a show in Las Vegas or anywhere in the worlds, and the performer likes to pause to talk with the audience.   They like to say how thankful they are that they are there and you are too.  You can almost lipsync the script yourself, it’s so common and when they say it, it sounds like they just read it off the song list taped to the floor in front of them. Not with Matt Goss, He drips sincerity and authenticity.

Even if he has sold out major stadiums of Europe and other countries, sold millions of albums and wrote some hit songs, he is here in Las Vegas and he wants you to know he appreciates your attendance. Then he breaks into another cool song backed up by his Gold Diggers dancers backup singers, plus his hot sounding live 5 piece band with members who have followed him all over the world.

In between songs, he introduces us to members of his band, his twin brother who together, were two-thirds of the UK 80/90’s boy band Bros. The trio had 11 Top 40 singles and three Top 20 albums in the U.K., making them one of the most successful British acts between 1988 and 1992. See, he has the credentials folks!

If all that doesn’t get you into the mood to hear him sing another song, his gumba in the back of the house,  Big Joe will make sure you are in the mood!  If you go, you will understand the reference.  (I hope Big Joe does too!)

This man has been in Las Vegas for 9 years and I haven’t see him until now??  Don’t make the same mistake.  Go See Matt Goss!


Disclosure: As a member of the media, I was offered complimentary tickets to the show with no expectations. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.

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  1. Thank you for the comment.
    At least in the show that I was at, when he approached a table for some banter, he did check to see if the party she was with was open to a little fun. Agree, Sinatra had his moments as do all great artists. But for the current crop of “Vegas” entertainers, He does hit it best for ol’Blue Eyes..

  2. To be honest, gets too friendly with the women who are there with their husband. Saw him last week, had great seats,
    The gentleman next to me said, “He comes over to our table and starts with my wife, and watch me knock him out.
    He does go a bit overboard with the Females.
    Great show, great band, fabulous backup singers, beautiful show girls, but a Sinatra,? I’ve seen Mr Sinatra in person at least a dozen times, may he rest in peace, and MG doesn’t come close, maybe in his dreams!!

  3. What a Sound & Sincere Review!
    Having been lucky enough to travel from the UK to see Matt more than once since his residencies in Las Vegas it has always been quickly apparent to me why the Top Casinos have snapped him up – He totally is “The Jackpot” in Entertainment!
    Matt Goss Speaks so openly & conclusively to us all, His reference to the 4 civility’s of life Good Morning. Please. ThankYou. Goodnight resonates with me and his audience so loudly that even the nod of the gentleman next to me could be heard! Matt’s vocals on each perfeclty picked song are without doubt second to none; matched beautifully with his 2 stunning backing vocalists and styled so impeccably with his SeXaY dancers – so appropriatly named ‘The Dirty Virgins’ A definate Home Run for the Fellas! An Evening With Matt Goss at The Mirage is the Perfect excuse (if you need one) to get your Glamour on! Be prepared to be swept away on a Gossy journey that will not only touch your heart but have you singing his tunes for days to follow! So grab your coat and go have yourself a night like no other!

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