Rock of Ages Still Rock’n!


So after the NFR dust got out of my lungs and the annual rodeo cold moved on, I decided it was time to get out and be a Vegas’ Tourist again…  I grabbed Miss Debbie and headed out for the Venetian to see the hit musical “Rock of Ages” and see how it aged after a year in Las Vegas.  I can say it has aged very nicely, thank you…

If you remember the movie with Tom Cruise, you have the basic premise of the show, although the movie and the play are two different animals, the story line is basically the same.  80’s big hair bands, free-flowing love, loss, music, drugs and rock n roll dreams in the legendary LA night club called Bourbon Room….

Sazzy and I were invited to the opening night last year and loved it. (reviewed in podcast 130) The music, the clothes and the story line gave us both hilarious flashbacks of our years trying to survive in the 80’s.

When we saw it, it was the Broadway version of Rock of Ages moving to Las Vegas.  After a year in Vegas, the play has adopted itself well and has its own Vegas flair to it with more skin, more Vegas references and some new song sets that moves the storyline better.

At first it seemed a little unsettled, but I think it’s because they were changing some of the songs and routines from the original.  But after the “whiz break” (intermission) the story and the music truly kicked into high gear and rolled well to the end.

rock of ages really rocking

Upon entering the theater, you are handed little flashlights looking like the disposable lighters so that we can “flick our bic’s” when we like the music like many people do at rock concerts (and rodeos and car shows and …).  However, when you have some inebriated audience members having the wrong flashbacks of their 80’s, the lights pop up at the strangest times!

We all remember the hair bands and the loud music with the thumping beat and cheesy lyrics.  But I can say Rock of Ages also has the other side of the 80’s. Some really great love ballads that happen to make for some great comedy skits for a play making fun of the 80’s.  Did I mention they have a pretty kick ass rocking band that backs everything up on stage??  Members of the band (and most of the cast) were probably in diapers when this music was popular, but they do pull it off very well.

Rock of Ages one year later

The End Result

I’m not a fan of shows that have an intermission.  This one does.  However, Rock of Ages has a short one and they get right back to it.  They do have a “Burns & Allen” plot where a member of the play is also the storyteller.  Stepping out of the scene occasionally to fill in the low parts. It actually works well here.

So if you’re looking for a show that’s not a cirque, not magic, just looking for talented, musically entertaining and fun.  If you are a fan of the 80’s or a parody of a fan of the 80’s, this is definitely the show to see.  Highly entertaining and you will be singing along and head banging with what’s left of your hair along with the band and the rest of the audience!!

It’s also a good excuse to wear all that bad 80’s clothing you just can’t seem to sell on eBay they love for you to wear it here!!  You will fit right in.

Update: Rock of Ages Closed in 2016

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