Sazzy and Ace do NASCAR Red Carpet

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For those few who did not know, Sazzy loves NASCAR!  Her love of four wheels spinning around a track came from The Ace Reporter (her father).  So the two of them teamed up on Friday to cover the NASCAR Awards Night Red Carpet.

jimmie johnson nascar awards

Thankfully she went because without the uniforms and the numbers, I have no clue to who they are.  At the event, they are all cleaned up and spit-shined for the night!  Six time Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson and his wife Chandra stole the show on the red carpet.

All this was just after it was announced that NASCAR did renew the Champions Week event for another 3 years through 2017; however, failed to announced the much rumored second Las Vegas NASCAR race we were hoping for.

Although she was the brunt of a joke by the host of the awards show, Danica Patrick finishing her first full year as a NASCAR driver.  As media, we were included and enjoyed her smiling and friendly chatting before the show.

Danica Patrick

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