Smile! You’re on Camera

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Like I tell my tour guests, if you are not in your hotel room or in the bathroom, consider yourself on camera when on the Las Vegas Strip! It’s just that simple. Here is a video report from KLAS TV 8, the local CBS affiliate talking about surveillance at the Aria and on the Strip. And this is just what they want to tell you, not all the facts.

Just 3500 in the Aria?? Rumor has it that there are over 8,000 cameras in the Bellagio. I have seen first hand the Bellagio surveillance camera technology in the porte cochère area from when I was chauffeuring. I can tell you it is amazing. And the comment about wanting facial recognition technology? I would find that comment hard to believe in this day and age that the facial recognition is not being used somewhere on the Las Vegas Strip.

You can also assume that 80% of the security force protecting the Strip and the casino’s are undercover. When you think you are not being watched by someone or something, trust me, you are. From unmarked patrol cars, disguised bums and bikers to false walls and hidden cameras. The Las Vegas Strip is very well patrolled. The primary problem is pick-pocket’ers. They are the worst for crimes and the best in the business. Laugh as you will at people wearing fanny packs as they walk the Strip, but they are playing it safe with their belongings.

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is The Vegas Tourist! Popular Tourism Ambassador, a frequent contributor to Las Vegas forums as well as travel media and bloggers. Loves to help people discover new things to see, do and experience while visiting Las Vegas and Beyond!

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