Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Returns!

Barrett - Jackson

June in Las Vegas is looking to be a really busy month.  Not only do we say goodbye to the silly mask mandates, but a lot of our favorite shows finally have set their coming back-to-life dates in June!!  Then we have one of my favorite events!  The Barret -Jackson Collector Car Auction.  June 17-19, 2021.

To make it even more exciting, this year the event moves to the swanky new digs at the Las Vegas Convention Center – West Hall. Right there on the Las Vegas Strip! Next to our favorite restaurant, the Peppermill! Can this get any better of an event??

Barrett Jackson Las Vegas 2021

Fans Since Day One

We started this website back in 2006 and in 2007 was the first year they held the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Las Vegas. It started as an experiment, a way to expand the brand outside their home base of Scottsdale, Arizona. For Las Vegas, it was meant to add something interesting and different to the Las Vegas event calendar between Labor Day and the start of the NFR World Finals.  If memory serves me, I think they signed on to hold the auction in Las Vegas for 5 years. To see if it would work!

What was fun was that Craig Jackson, Chairman, and CEO of Barrett-Jackson, was so gracious and open. He did a great interview then passed us around to other people behind the scenes. Letting Sazzy and myself see how it all worked.

We even got a chance at meeting classic car royalty by being in what could be best described as a presentation line to greet the matriarch of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and widely considered as the “First Lady of Collector Cars,” Nellie Jackson, as she entered the auction stage area.

Ok, maybe that’s not the real word for it. There was a line of people that had some importance and they all stood, behind a rope as she entered.  They all said their greetings to her. Not sure if she responded to any of them… But everyone in the line was all giddy that they got to “meet” her.

Trying Not to Drool

For the past couple of weeks, they have been sending out periodic updates on some of the vehicles and automobile memorabilia that will be crossing the auction block.  It’s not always just about the vehicle!

Barrett Jackson Las Vegas

For some of us car buffs, it’s almost better than sneaking peeks at your dad’s Playboy collection.  Let me just say that some serious pieces of chrome will be changing hands in Las Vegas, and the great thing is you can be there!

That’s the cool thing. Ok, so you may not be able to buy that car from your youth that you paid $150 for because today, in restored mint condition, it will sell for one hundred grand.  But you can walk the hall and look at all the cars in the lineup before they hit the auction block.

They also have vendors there as well that can help you in restoring that project car that’s been sitting in your backyard for the last decade. The one you promised the wife you will finish maybe next year!

Best Reason to Go?

I will tell you this.  I have fun there because of the people you will meet.  Just walking the lanes of cars setting up to hit the auction block, you get to talk to some wonderful people who like to talk about cars. Maybe the car that’s about to go up or maybe about a car in the line-up.  You may be standing and admiring some classic car, suddenly somebody walks up and starts to talk about it or what the car reminds them of.  Maybe even get to meet the owner and get their side on why that car or Jeep. And some of the stories will surprise you!

Let me know if you will be there, maybe we can meet up!



I’m Moving to Vegas Where Should I live?

[arve url=”” title=”Im moving to Las Vegas, Where Should I live?” description=”You want to move to las vegas??” /]

So you want to move to Las Vegas?

A lot of people want to move here and a lot of people do move here.  The first question people like to ask online is always “Where should I live?”.  Yes, that is the entire question.  The problem is that the question is just that. Where Should I live? As if Las Vegas is a one size fits all everywhere kind of a town. It’s Not!  Las Vegas is a big town with a lot of moving variables and to help, we need a little more information than that.

When people do respond to the question, its more of a personal point of reference, not an informative type of answer.  Because we don’t know YOU!   Are you married? Have a job? Have kids? Want kids? Want to travel? Be near people? Want to be far from people?  It’s here.  Las Vegas has something for just about everyone.

I live in Henderson.  Homes in my neighborhood are older, for families and are middle income.  Five miles away we have brand new multimillion-dollar homes hidden behind big iron gates. It’s in the same town with different settings.  Some people like Summerlin.  Summerlin, ten years ago was strictly for wealthy Snowbirds.  It isn’t like that anymore. The same goes for just about any of the other nine communities or suburbs in the valley of 2.1 million people. It’s always changing here.

Be Here, Be Local

The best way to get that question answered is to be here and be a local for a week or two.  To do that, you need to get off the Strip.  Rent a Sienna Suites or a Budget Suites (or similar).  They are fully furnished apartments, with all the modern amenities. They have locations all over the valley.  The nice thing is that you pay by the week or by the month. No long term commitments or contracts.  Find one in an area where you think you may be working or near a school you want to checkout.

Then while living off the Strip, in the real Las Vegas, drive around the entire valley. Experience it all and see what fits your needs, your pocketbook, and your lifestyle.  Meet up with some of the people you have chatted with online, talk to them here, and see what they are recommending.

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A little Something For Everyone

Las Vegas is NOT a one sizes fits all kind of a town. Yet we do have almost everything here people want to have in order to live an active, full life. Some people live here for a few months and move out. People come here with an RV and live in camper villages for months, even years. We have people who like to live in small clustered units and those who like to live in large, gated communities.  You may have animals, horses, things like that. We have homes, apartments, and estates for those people as well.

That’s why it’s so hard to answer such a simple question. Where should you live?  We don’t know because the short question never gave us any of those important details!

And for someone to blindly say “you need to live here and not there” is silly and not really helpful. Like I said earlier. I live in Henderson. I would love to live in Boulder City, but my family dynamics won’t allow for that to happen yet. You may want to be there or maybe because of your family dynamics, you need to be in Summerlin. That’s what You need to decide!

Friends and Agents

When people first move here, they find it’s not easy to make friends.  You may wonder why and you may even feel it’s undeserved. It’s often not you, its the Vegas culture. We are a very transient society. People are always moving in and moving out.  So making and keeping friends here is not often easy.  Its been that way for decades.  One of the main reasons people move out is that they find the summers here are unbearable. You don’t really get used to them, you just get to the point of tolerating them!  So we like to wait to see if you survive the summer before we may want to make the effort and be your friendly neighbor or not.

Real Estate Agents?  I have a few of them as friends and they hate when I say not to use them at the beginning.  But it’s my opinion after years of experience.  They have something to sell and want to sell it to an uninformed buyer. Or a buyer they are influencing.  So I say not to include one into your moving agenda until you have been here yourself and have experienced the valley on your own.  When you have more of an informed idea of where you want to live and what you need to have in order to survive here, then call in a professional!

Las Vegas is one of those towns where you can not easily answer the simple question on “where should I live”.  You really need to be here and experience the real Las Vegas to know where you really want to live. I hope this helps.

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Las Vegas Stadium Name Change

What we always called the Las Vegas Stadium, now has a new “Partner” name. Are you ready for it??

[arve url=”″ title=”The Las Vegas Stadium is now known as The Allegiant Stadium” description=”The Las Vegas Raiders will play in the Allegiant Stadium” /]

Yes Sir, what will be the Las Vegas Raiders, sold the stadium naming rights to Allegiant Airlines for the next 30 years. So now the stadium will be called Allegiant Stadium. How’s that for a name?

For those who are scratching their head about the name, Allegiant Airlines is a Las Vegas-based discount airline. Its the ninth-largest in the US and serves mostly second-tier cities and tourist destinations. Like Des Moines, Iowa to Las Vegas.  Or to other places like Orlando, Florida.

Last Monday was the topping off ceremony. Where the last beam to the outside ring of the domed stadium was put in place.  Now they can get busy and start to build the insides. Getting it ready for the 2020 opening of football season.

Football and So Much More

Yes, it will be home to two football teams. First is the University of Las Vegas, Nevada Rebels football team.  Plus it will be the home to the soon to be renamed Las Vegas Raiders.  We know it will be soon because the current team, Oakland Raiders will never get anywhere near a playoff game except as spectators.  Don’t hold out much hope for any changes in that department once they move here!!

The good news is that it will be one of the busiest domed stadiums in the country.  Currently, they have over thirty other events booked into the stadium and there will be more once the final dates for construction and occupancy are announced.

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

The stadium costs will be about $1.9 billion when all is finalized.  About $700 million of that will come from you, the visiting Vegas tourist in the form of a share of the room tax revenue.  Seating for football will be about 65,000. That’s expandable to 70,000 for playoff and tournament games if needed.

Thank you as always to our friend Tom Donoghue who provided the photos.


The New National Park Fees

As some of you may already know, The National Park Service (NPS) recently announced that on June 1, most seven-day vehicle passes to enter national parks will be increased by five dollars.  Most other fees will stay the same.

It Could Have Been Worse

Back in October, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed the idea of more than doubling peak-season admission at 17 popular parks to $70, and maybe even adding a surge pricing for the top 5 national parks.  The response to that plan was, shall we say,  highly negative.  People took to social media and the internet calling for everything but a revolution.  Some were wise enough to figure out that this was a proposal, an idea to start the conversation.  The Department of Interior was putting it out there to get feedback.

The original public comment period for the new proposal was to only be thirty days, but they needed to extend it to 60 days due to the overwhelming feedback they received. And even after that ended, they still received feedback from people all over the world as well as from Congress and other government bodies.  A lot of people love our national treasures!

Grand Canyon North Rim

Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim

After much speculation and uneducated hysteria created by mainstream media and social media groups proclaiming this was a political move byPresidentt trump to gut the National Parks, it was finally announced last week,  that entrance fees at those 117 parks that charge a fee will go up on average of $5.00.

Not bad compared to what it could have been.  It won’t solve the problems generated by all the years of National Park mismanagement and playing political correctness, instead of focusing on their core mission.  But it is a start in the right direction and best of all, it won’t stop people from coming to see America’s greatest idea!

Most National Parks Are Still Free

Remember, we have 417 National Parks, Monuments, and Cultural/historical Centers. Only 117 of them charge an entrance fee. Meaning 2/3 of them are still FREE. 

More good news? The cost of the America The Beautiful Annual Park Pass and the Senior Lifetime Park Pass will stay at $80. Plus, Every Kid in a Park Program is still accepting 4th-grade students to sign up for their FREE annual park pass that gets the entire family into a park for free.

Free Park Pass to 4th Grade Students

Hey fourth graders! See America’s natural wonders and historic sites for free.

Getting The Parks Back in Shape

Starting in 2015, the National Park Services started a campaign to celebrate the NPS’s 100 anniversary in 2016.  To some, it seems like the marketing campaign went exceedingly well. Maybe even too good!  It woke a lot of people up to just what is in our own backyard and crowds started to appear at parks and monuments where there weren’t any before.  This put a strain on an already over worked system and one that was also dealing with major internal crises as well.

The Parks need help. Lots of it. They currently have a backlog of over $11 billion in needed upgrades, repairs and restoration projects to keep everything open and functioning as it should.  The new fee increase will bring in an additional $60 million to the National Park Service with 80% of the fee collected staying at the park it was collected at.

Interior Secretary Zinke is also working closely with Congress on proposed bipartisan legislation to use revenue derived from energy produced on federal lands and waters to establish a special fund within the Treasury specifically for addressing restoration within the national parks. It’s a start!

  • National Park entrance fees to increase an average of $5 on June 1, 2018
  • Only 117 of the 417 National Parks/Monuments/Cultural/Historical Centers charge an entrance fee
  • America The Beautiful annual pass stays at $80
  • Senior lifetime pass stays at $80
  • National Park Passes information

Go Visit a National Park for Free

Go Visit a National Park

On April 21, its National Park Fee Free Day.  All National Park Service sites that charge an entrance fee will offer free admission to everyone!

Want to go visit a national park near you?  Go to, put in your zip code and a list of National Parks, Monuments, and Historical sites will pop up with maps, directions, and information on what there is to see and do there.

National Parks Near Las Vegas

    • Red Rock National Conservation Area – technically not a national park, but they accept the National Park Pass!
    • Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument
    • Lake Mead National Recreation Area
    • Death Valley National Park
    • Zion National Park
    • Bryce Canyon National Park
    • Cedar Breaks National Monument
    • Grand Canyon National Park
    • See the entire list here


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Halloween – Vegas Style

It may come as a surprise to many, but Halloween used to be an actual State holiday here. Schools, banks, and other businesses were closed in observance of that very important date.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t specifically because it was Halloween although Vegas makes it seem like that was the reason! October 31, 1864, was the day Nevada became the 36th state of the Union.  The official title is “Nevada Day” and is now celebrated on the last Friday of the month. But don’t tell the Vegas tourists that!

Halloween in Las Vegas takes the usually Vegas party atmosphere up a few more notches or ten.  People come from all points of the globe to prove we are still the party capital as well as the entertainment capital of the universe.  Down on the Strip and over at the freak show we call the Fremont Street Experience, it gets even more bizarre, sexual enticing and goofy all at the same time. If that could ever be possible.

Las Vegas on weekends is usually a walk down the wild side when it comes to people watching. Halloween just takes that to a new universe. If you are ever lucky enough to be here when the actual date is on a weekend, you better be ready to take a cold shower or at least have some wet towels ready next to the bed.  Ok?

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball 2017

The Ultimate Vegas Halloween Party 

If you are here for this eventful holiday and you don’t want to spend all night walking the Strip from casino to casino to see all the outrageous costumes and adult behavior.  You just want to get dressed up (or down) and join other crazy adults as they celebrate the night of the living dead in a true Las Vegas style.   No problem.   On Halloween, we have one place you can go where it’s all wrapped up in one simple, adult location.  It is the “Ultimate Las Vegas Halloween Party” and this year it celebrated its twenty-second anniversary at the Red Rock Casino Resort.  Of course, I am talking about the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball.


Take all your wildest Vegas fantasies and roll them up into one party.  This could possibly be that one party. Our friend and famous Photographer Tom Donoghue was there to capture what he could and he has allowed us to print a couple of the more tamer photos.  (Sorry, but the really good stuff he kept to himself).   Me, personally, I’ve been to previous FF Balls and can tell you it gets F’ing crazy.

The Fantasy Ball 2017 had fantasy and balls

Las Vegas on Halloween is not a time you want to walk your ten-year-old kid down the Strip or across Fremont Street Experience unless you are seriously ready to have “the talk”.  This is the time of year that the few laws we do have about modesty and nudity in public, are really questionable and in that gray area of legality in many cases.  That’s why the Fetish Ball is always held in a closed environment at an establishment meant only for adults.

Boobs, Babe, Grim Reaper Halloween 2017

It’s what you would expect in Las Vegas on Halloween!

Candy anyone???