Circa Resort, What is this Place??

Circa resort

Circa Resort & Casino. The newest resort in Las Vegas finally opens Wednesday this week. We have been waiting for this day for a few years now.  Actually, to be honest, it been a few decades in the making. The last time a resort was built from the ground up opened in Downtown Las Vegas it was 1980.  And that is what we now know as The D!   So this ust makes it more important of an event!

For the number crunchers, Circa comes in at 1.25 million square feet of resort space. Owned and operated by Derek Stevens and His brother Greg. They currently own The D resort as well as The Golden Gate resort on the Fremont Street Experience.

This towering beauty sits on land previously occupied by the Las Vegas Club hotel-casino, the Mermaids Casino, and the Glitter Gulch strip club. Otherwise, known as “18 Fremont Street”
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Circa Pools

The Raw Stats

  • 777 rooms and suites
  • The hotel portion is scheduled to open on December 28, 2020
  • The hotel will have 44 floors
  • Some floor numbers will be skipped out of tradition
  • The top floor will be the 60th floor
  • The top 7 floors will open next year
  • The resort is restricted to people 21 years of age and older
  • Six Swimming pools
  • The worlds largest Sportsbook
  • A two-story casino
  • A three-story, stadium-style sportsbook
  • A nine-story garage Mahall (parking)

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Did You Say Sports?

Derek Stevens LOVES sports and He loves sports Betting. So this place is focused on the sporst-aholic.  The three Story Sportsbook includes a 78 Million Pixal screen that takes 10 people to operate.  The sportsbook can hold 1,000 viewers.  Yea, if you need to be told, it IS the largest Sportsbook in the world by cubic feet.

Seating is available for podcasters as well as a full broadcast studio for sports betting network Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN). That network will operate daily on-site with in-depth analyses from broadcasters, industry professionals as well as visiting athletes.

To handle the betting side of things. The Stevens brothers have their very own sportsbook (imagine that!). Their own sports betting brand is called Circa Sports.  It’s also available at the other two resorts the brothers own, the D Las Vegas and Golden Gate.

Garage Mahal

Garage Mahal

Not only is the pool area and sportsbook huge, how about the parking?  A nine-story parking garage that is like no other.

Circa’s parking structure has 982-spot parking stalls that is filled with light from a mix of natural and artificial sources.  This helps create a more open, well lit, and safe environment.

Rideshare convenience! The new garage was built with Uber and Lyft specifically in mind.  Providing space designed and designated specifically for rideshare services next to valet on the first floor. (Take THAT Taxi cab Mafia!)
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Beauty in the making!  There are lots of murals and cool artwork on nearly every floor.  Each floor is assigned a color, number, and an icon, a diamond, cherry, etc.  Anything to help you remember where you parked after a long night betting on the ponies while lounging by the pool!

There are escalators that lead to a climate-controlled bridge that crosses over Main Street and put you right into the casino.

Circa Resorts Pools

The Circa Pool(s)

The tallest escalator in Las Vegas (hope it works) will lead you up what is known as “Stadium Swim”.  It even has its own Twitter account “@stadiumswim” The first thing you are sure to see isn’t the pool.  It’s the mammoth 143-foot by 40-foot LED screen! This thing was designed to show several games at once, sports book-style, and is bright enough to do so without any issues in the middle of the day.

After gawking at the massive screen, you begin to notice the six pools and two spas that make up the 15,000 square feet of wet space on to levels. There are 337 chaise lounges, 38 daybeds, 30 cabanas and, of course, super cabanas, eight poolside boxes and two swim-up bars. That helps add excitement to Stadium Swim’s capacity of 4,000 guests.
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Not for the summer only crowd.  NO! this is designed for our snowbirds as well.  Those northerners who like to visit Las Vegas in the winter months.  This place is designed for year-round use.  The water temperature ranges from a low (?) 78 to a nice 94 degrees. There will be a couple of the pools capable of hitting my likable temperature of 104 degrees during the worst of a Las Vegas winter. Yes!

Vegas Vickie

Vegas Vickie Returns

Vegas Vick will have his sweetheart (they were married in 1994) back on Fremont Street. Unfortunately, he will not be able to look at her.  She has her own little stage inside the main entrance and even a lounge named for her. She has had a reported makeover from top to bottom, including new neon!

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The 99-cent Shrimp Cocktail Returns. Sort of!

99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail returns. Sort of. The one thing many long time Las Vegas tourists miss most is the 99-cent shrimp cocktail that was served for over 50 years at the Golden Gate Resort on Fremont Street.

The Shrimp Cocktail Returns

When the new Circa resort opens up next week, the Saginaw’s Deli will offer the once-popular appetizer at the legendary throwback price of only ninety-nine cents.  Ready for this??  For only two hours a day, it’s at the old price from 3 to 5 a.m. daily.


For the rest of the day, it will be marked up to $11!!  You Read That Right!  Yikes!!  Don’t shoot the messenger! The greed is built into the resort.

Steve Mangigian, who is a partner in Saginaw’s Delicatessen, describes the shrimp cocktail as “identical” to the original one that was sold at Circa’s sister resort, the Golden Gate. It will be served complete in a tulip glass and they will use a recipe that dates to the 1950s.

The Rest of the Story

The Golden Gate resort sits just across Fremont Street from the Circa.  It introduced a 50-cent shrimp cocktail as promotion back in 1959. It stayed at that price until 1991 when it was raised to 99 cents.  It was raised one more time to $1.99. Over 25 million had been sold. It was available in the resort’s deli until 2010.  California’s Du-Par’s took over the classic restaurant and continued to sell the shrimp cocktail at a much higher price until it closed in 2017.

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259 – Welcome Back Las Vegas (video)

Yes! We have a new podcast up finally.  Episode #259, Welcome Back Las Vegas.  This is not about welcoming YOU back to Las Vegas. It’s more about a few things that are showing us that Las Vegas is coming back and getting ready to welcome you back in full force!  We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t look like it’s another train!!

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Crime in Las Vegas?

First.  We need to talk about the supposed “rise” in crime.  Yes, crime in Las Vegas is up.  It’s up a whopping 4%!  That’s it.  About what you get in other cities of almost 3 million people.  The reason for the crime wave being blasted across the world news is that its Vegas!  They like to talk about Vegas and without all the crowds, you are seeing the dreads of humanity you normally didn’t see because you were too busy looking at all the shiny lights and being moved along by all the people on the streets.

Nothing has really changed in that area, you just need to be aware of your surroundings and don’t let your guard down. Just like you would be walking the streets of any other major city! Here, the crowds are gone so people who come here are taking in all the sights they normally can’t see because of the crowds and enjoying the open spaces. So the criminals are easier to spot and get into trouble…
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The criminals are in some ways like the rest of us. They are tired of being locked up in our homes.  They are unemployed, frustrated, and looking for some release.  They have a chance to escape their captivity in Arizona or California, and like you and me, you want to come to Las Vegas for some action.  Wanting to get out, get some movement going, and finding other people to associate with. so they, unfortunately, they hit Las Vegas!

Law Enforcement, Metro, as well as hotel security is being extra vigilant right now. But the resorts are not back to full staff yet, so things are a little more obvious than they were before. The media is looking for some bad news to report and they are finding the pickings a little slim if they want to stay away from politics.  Good or bad, Las Vegas always makes a great headline..

Elvis Returns!

Maybe not the real Elvis.  However, Big Elvis, aka Pete Vallee, is pretty close to the original!  Big Elvis is back and that’s the true sign that life on the Strip is getting back to whatever the new normal will be.  The first regular musical show to reopen and he is back at the Piano Bar at Harrah’s.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Circa Comes to Life

The all-new resort opens October 28 in Downtown las Vegas!  Adults Only, six pools open all year long! The world’s largest sportsbook!  And of course, home to Vegas Vickie!

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Downtown Circa Resort Taking Reservations – No Kids Allowed

Circa resort to Open in October No Kids allowed

Circa Resort to Open October 2020

That new tower taking over the skyline in Downtown Las Vegas, Circa Resort, has now started to take reservations for its October 28 opening date. Only one catch; No Kids allowed. Only adults 21 and over can come and play in Derek Stevens newest attraction. With its two-story casino, “pool amphitheater” and worlds largest sportsbook.  Not to mention its the nine-story parking garage dubbed “the Garage Mahal”

Standing at 459 feet tall and have 777 hotel rooms and suites, its the newest resort to open in the Las Vegas Valley since The ill after Lucky Dragon opened in 2016 (and closed in 2018).  Its the first built from the ground-up resort in downtown Las Vegas in decades.

When word leaked out about the “No Kids Allowed” policy, Derek messaged out “Circa was expensive to build and we couldn’t afford the arcade LOL,” – Stevens said his other properties downtown — D Las Vegas and Golden Gate — would continue to allow guests with children. And I will say they are more family-friendly prices than Circa!

Derek Stevens, along with his brother Greg, own two other downtown casinos,  D Las Vegas and Golden Gate.  In 2016, the Stevens purchased the nearby Mermaids Casino and the Glitter Gulch strip club, both of which closed later that year. The entire block was demolished in 2017. They also purchased a 2-acre site between the Plaza Casino and the Main Street Station to build their parking structure.






#257 Seeing Las Vegas from the sky!

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The Vegas Tourist Podcast #257

On today’s Podcast, Mark is joined by his lovely wife Debbie. Together they recount their latest Las Vegas adventure. A photoshoot with a good friend and Las Vegas Photographer, Tom Donoghue.

This was one of those amazing little events that just kind of happens when you hang around some people too long!  Las Vegas Photographer, Tom Donoghue asked if Debbie and I wanted to join him on an upcoming photoshoot? This one was of the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. As he needed to get updated images of some of the new projects in town for his clients.

The kicker was that we would be shooting from a Maverick Helicopter!!  The objective was to shoot from above, the new Circa Resort in Downtown Las Vegas, the Resorts World Resort on the Las Vegas Strip, and of course, the new $2 billion Allegiant Stadium. Plus whatever else came into the viewfinders!

Maverick Helicopter photo shoot of las vegas

Photo: Tom Donoghue @photomanlv

The Podcast audio is available here…


Maverick Helicopter in Las Vegas
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The Adventure Begins

Actually, the adventure started out of a conversation that happened while I was helping Tom try to recover some images from some crashed hard drives (Back Up Your Hard Dives!) and talking about all the changes going on on the Strip and in Downtown. The new Resorts World, the  Elon Muck Boring Company building “The Loop” under the convention center, the new Circa Resort in Downtown Las Vegas etc…

Then a few days later, Tom called to tell me that he needed to do a photo shoot for his clients needing the updates of the new resorts.  So he invited Debbie and me to go along. This is not something you say “NO ” to.  The last time we were invited was in 2017 when he needed to do some sky shots for the National Final Rodeo in 2017. And that was a blast!

So I pieced together a shot list I wanted:

    • Area 51 Jets
    • Empty Strip. you can almost count the cars!
    • The MSG Sphere
    • Convention Center Boring Loop
    • Bellagio Fountains from above
    • Circa Downtown Las Vegas
    • Resorts World Updates
allegiant stadium las vegas

Photo: Tom Donoghue @photoman


Hit the “Play Button for the video or the audio and hear our story of the entire adventure!

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