NASCAR Burnouts on the Strip 2017 (Video)

NASCAR Vicotry Lap Las Vegas 2017 Car #18

[arve url=”” title=”NASCAR on the Las Vegas Strip” description=”NASCAR Las Vegas” /] NASCAR and Las Vegas, what a perfect match!  NASCAR Loves Las Vegas and NASCAR fans love to come to Las Vegas to see their favorite drivers.  So with the annual NASCAR Champions Week and Awards Banquet, comes the legion…

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Planning for NASCAR 2017 Champs Week?

NASCAR Champs Week in Las Vegas 2017

[arve url=”” title=”NASCAR Vegas!” description=”NASCAR in Las Vegas” /] The Vegas Planning Gods were screwing with us this year!! The PBR is earlier than in previous years.  The NFR is later and that confused NASCAR fans with the annual NASCAR Awards show as well as the always popular Victory Lap…

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2016 NASCAR Las Vegas Burnouts | Video

NASCAR Burnouts on the Las Vegas Strip

[arve url=”” title=”2016 NASCAR Burnout in Las Vegas” /] It’s been eight years that Las Vegas has played host to the NASCAR Awards Celebration. ( now called NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week) Originally held in New York City.  Each year, the event on the fan side gets smaller and smaller….

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NASCAR Burnouts on The Las Vegas Strip [video]

[arve url=”” title=”NASCAR Burnouts on the Las Vegas Strip ” description=”NASCAR on the Las Vegas Strip” /] Officially it’s called the Victory Lap. Part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week. We just like to call it “The Burnouts”. The top sixteen NASCAR drivers are in town for their end…

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