2016 NASCAR Las Vegas Burnouts | Video

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It’s been eight years that Las Vegas has played host to the NASCAR Awards Celebration. ( now called NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week) Originally held in New York City.  Each year, the event on the fan side gets smaller and smaller. But each year, the one draw to Las Vegas for drivers and their fans alike is the ability to have the top sixteen drivers do a parade down the famous Las Vegas Strip with their sponsors stamped cars and do burnouts on the famed asphalt. This Never gets old!

This year, even with smaller crowds lining the street, the fans let it be known they were there to hear the rumbles of the engines and to smell the burning rubber. I can say that the drivers did not disappoint!  They begin in front of Planet Hollywood Resort, make a slow drive north to the Wynn Resort and 8 of the drivers lined up and each did their thing.  Once the smoke cleared and the cars were lined back up, they made their way down the other side of the Strip, back down to the intersection in front of Planet Hollywood.

What I love about NASCAR, is the fans. They are so loyal to the sport.  We picked our usual spot to shoot from and sure enough, there was a group from Minnesota next to us that I had met at that same spot last year.  And their friends.  And others around us who looked at us and went “Hey, you were here last year!”  Yes, we were there last year and that tree limb still needs to be trimmed…

They Backed up!

What’s not shown on the video was that this year, the drivers were supposed to do the burnouts at the intersection then head further south to The Park, for meet & greets.  They seemed to have initially forgot the burnout part and continued past us.  Someone caught the “oops” and made the last 8 cars back up  before letting them leave their tire tread in the middle of the intersection!

The only car allowed to do burnouts at both ends of the Las Vegas Blvd, was this year’s champion, Jimmy Johnson!

If you missed the event this year, you can still see NASCAR in Las Vegas in March for the Kobalt 400.  March 10-12 NASCAR Vegas Weekend 2017 Here

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Ready for NASCAR Champions Week in Vegas?


It’s getting colder outside, we are preparing to huddle down at the Thomas & Mack for ten days of rodeo…. That must mean it’s also time for NASCAR to invade Las Vegas!! Checking the calendar, I am correct. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week™ returns to Las Vegas November 30-December 2, 2016 ! Are Your Ready??

Good, because NASCAR isn’t really ready yet. Not all the details have been released on what all is happening.  We do know that Sting is headlining the awards banquet at the Wynn. We do know the burnouts will be back.  There will be no autograph sessions.  Otherwise, it’s all still kind of up in the air!

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week

We do know this:

  • Drivers will attend several events during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week held at The Park in front of T-Mobile Arena
  • The Burnouts on the Las Vegas Strip, otherwise know as “NASCAR Victory Lap Fueled By Sunoco”, will be Thursday, December 1.  No time stated yet. Stick around, when we know, we will post it. change!
  • The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards™ will air on NBCSN on December 2, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. MRN and Sirius XM NASCAR Radio, Channel 90, will carry the awards show live.
  • There will not be any scheduled autograph sessions during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week

Want More Information?  Click Here For All The NASCAR Vegas Updates

205 Super Blooms, Mystère and Nascar plus other stuff

Today’s Podcast is a catch-up episode with Miss Debbie on what all The Vegas Tourist has been up to lately.  Seeing Mystère, catching the Death Valley Super Bloom and surviving NASCAR without Sazzy. Plus a bunch of other Vegas Tourist stuff…

  • As promised, Mark gets his head shaved at McMullins Irish Pub for St Baldrick’s Foundation. Raising money to help conquer childhood cancers.  Criss Angel showed up and donated $100,000.
  • McMullins raise over $400,000 for children’s cancer charity (Read: Criss Angel sends a buzz through St. Baldrick’s with $100K donation)
  • Debbie and Mark do Du-Pars at the Golden Gate and enjoy it. (Blog Post)
  • Having fun at Discovery Childrens Museum with the grandkids!  Yes, Mark really does like children.  Just not when they live ay home…
  • Death Valley Super Bloom explained and enjoyed.  (see video)

Debbie has lived in las Vegas for over 30 years and never saw a Cirque du Soleil show until she started to date Me. For my birthday, she treated us to the original and still one of the best Cirq shows out there, Mystere.  Being the original and the oldest doesn’t mean it’s the one to miss.  On the contrary.  This is the one to see if you never have seen a Cirq show or you are curious where other Vegas’ shows stole their material from and want to see how the acrobatic stunts were really meant to be  performed!

And being married to a Cirque du Soleil virgin means we get her thoughts as a tourist on seeing a real Cirq show for the first time.  Summary of her experience?:  Breathtaking, amazing, always something new to see…  Want to go see it again!


  • Elvis has left the building! Maybe.  ( Blog Post ) Stay tune, developing story!
  • One weekend, three major sporting events! All with major upsets.
  • Packed Weekend  – NASCAR- UFC 196 Fight – USA 7 ‘s Rugby
  • No Sazzy NASCAR
  • Maverick Night Flight was amazing!


New Tour Deals

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(Disclosure: Mark Anthony is a Tour Guide for Detours of Nevada!)



NASCAR Weekend 2016

Another busy weekend in Las Vegas.  Weather is warming up, the early spring breaker’s are coming out, NASCAR weekend is upon us with the added attraction of having the USA Sevens Rugby tournament in town with teams and fans from all over the world.  Rugby in Vegas

NASCAR Weekend

That’s the big show in Las Vegas this weekend.  About 150,000 people usually make the trek out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with another 100,000 in town just to party with the other fans.  Actually, some of the hardcore NASCAR fans started to show up earlier in the week and got their RV’s parked at the track.

The track opened Thursday for testing, set up and fan appreciation.  Today is practise and Kobalt 400 qualifying.  Saturday is the Boyd Gaming 300 (Xfinity Race) with Sunday being the big NASCAR Sprint Cup race, the Kobalt 400.

If you want to see more, I will be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all weekend from the track.  Otherwise, just soem updates posted here as they are needed or I have the time.

The Neon Garage

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is unique amongst the NASCAR track. Not only for its state of the art media center, but also for its Neon Garage attraction.  For a ticket upgrade, you can head out to what would normally be the infield area and get up close and personal with the drivers, the teams and the cars.  See some great entertainment and see how it all works.

NASCAR driver autograpgh

The entertainment in the Neon Garage area starts long before the race and will be going on during the races as well as after the victory circle celebrations.  The talent ranges from local popular acts to national touring musical groups.  Plus plenty of shade, a variety of adult beverages and other drink and food specials.

Neon Garage Entertainment

If you are out at the track, hit me up on Facebook and say “hello”!

FYI:  Missing Sazzy.  This is the first year covering NASCAR without Sazzy and its just not the same without her.  Will need to fix that for next year…





NASCAR Burnouts on The Las Vegas Strip [video]

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/GpM-4vg7kDQ” title=”NASCAR Burnouts on the Las Vegas Strip ” description=”NASCAR on the Las Vegas Strip” /]

Officially it’s called the Victory Lap. Part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week. We just like to call it “The Burnouts”. The top sixteen NASCAR drivers are in town for their end of the year celebration and they take a victory lap down the Las Vegas Strip.

Start at Planet Hollywood Resort. Crusie down the Strip lined with adoring fans who have been waiting for hours to see. Do a turn and burn in the intersection in front of the Wynn and then head back down the other side of the Strip. Then do another turn and burn in the intersection in front of the Cosmopolitan. Everyone reassemble in front of Planet Hollywood and head off to a meet and greet at the Linq. Simple, fun and very photogenic.
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The Vegas Tourist YouTube video from last year is sitting at over 16,000 views so far. That’s not including the original 10,000 plus views it had before we had to download it and reload it again.

NASCAR Kyle Bush Vegas Burnouts

NASCAR Bad Boy Good Guy Good-Bye

This year was kind of a special year for the NASCAR Champions week.  For one, the one driver who was known as the bad boy of NASCAR has grown up, matured, and won the championship.  Plus he is a Vegas homegrown boy, Kurt Busch. Not to lose out on a marketing opportunity, the M&M’s people were out in force passing out free bags of M&M’s

In the second note, NASCAR good guy and all-around (?) fan favorite, Jeff Gordon retired this year and was making his last appearance at Champions Week.

This year, NASCAR decided to make some changes in the burnouts to the great disappointment of the fans.  The split the cars up.  Eight were allowed to do burnouts at the first turn and burn, the other 8 were allowed to do them at the other burnout. If you were at the first turn, you saw Jeff Gordon do his final burnout and for us on the south end, we saw Kyle Busch light up the intersection and end with a little explosion.

As you will see in the video, they took off from the curbside of the street instead of the center of the intersection. Making some very lucky fans who thought they were going to miss it, happy.  While those of us expecting the usual center strip burns, we got short-changed.  Sorry!  We did what we could with what we knew was going to happen!

Jeff Gordon Burn out las vegas strip

(Photos by Tom Donoghue)

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