Room Review Boulder Dam Hotel

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you how much I love Boulder City. You know, the town that built a famous dam!! So when my wife and I decided it was time for a little Staycation, I chose The Boulder Dam Hotel.


This is historic hotel was built in 1933 and was the home base for the celebrities and government officials who came out to see the construction on the Hoover Dam. It has a total of 22 rooms and suites. That’s It! So when deciding to stay here, you need to take its historic charm and simplicity into the equation.

It has the modern amenities you need, maybe not all the amenities you want.  It does have free wi-fi that is better than I have seen at other major hotels and very friendly staff. That may be its biggest charm! The simplicity of the hotel as well as the charm of the historic district that it sits in!

boulder dam hotel

The kitchenette was a cute little setup, you do need to bring your own utensils and plates or ask at the front desk. But it does have a nice empty mini refrigerator! The living room in ours had a comfortable loveseat. The suite across from our I peeked in and saw it had a more formal set of upholstered chairs. As with most hotels, satellite television (yuk).

The bed was firm enough without being stiff. It gave support for us two old people. It’s the pillows that I hated. Not sure why. Maybe their size was too small and not really firm or fluffy. It was probably some bad foam. Not to worry, we survived! The bathroom is what told you it was a classic hotel. The knobs on the sink and on the bathtub were right out of an old movie! However, the bottom of the bathtub was lined with an anti-slip material that was good for bathing as well as to stand on and kept you from slipping and falling. I liked that it was like that.

boulder dam historic district
wonderful shopping in small family-owned shops

Being in the historic district was nice. To go out for a walk to the several restaurants, pubs or coffee shops right there was nice. It was almost like a Mayberry kind of feel to it. You knew it was a small, old town. The charm of the small town oozed everywhere! Then to return to the hotel and find a fire in the fireplace and two high back chairs calling your name to sit, relax in front of the fire and talk with your mate…

In the morning, we enjoyed a wonderful cooked-to-order breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The tables were large and had news articles under the glass to let you know what the headlines were like in 1933! As if you wanted to know if Mrs. Schroder’s cat was found or not!!

It was nice to step back in time, leave the big city and get immersed into the old world of Boulder City. We gave the Boulder Dam Hotel 5 stars!!

Review – Cosmo Terrace One Bedroom Suite with a View

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Last week was my wife’s birthday. So we decided to celebrate it in style. With a Las Vegas “Staycation”. I booked us a two-night stay at the Cosmopolitan Resort in a one-bedroom terrace suite with a view of the magical and fabulous Bellagio Fountains! This is a walkthrough of the suite before we moved in.

Check-in was simple, the lines moved fast and the service was excellent.  Even with all the new rules and safeguards, the staff was always trying to make it as painless as possible! A majority of the people in the hotel and the casino were from southern California, trying to escape their own lockdown misery.  Our assigned suite was on the fortieth floor assured us of a great view of the fountains as well as the Las Vegas Strip facing north.

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The Suite Life

At 610 square feet of interior space, there was plenty of room to move around in.  The living area was very comfortable with a large flat-screen TV on one wall and plenty of lighting for everything.  The livingroom had counter space where they displayed the “cash bar”, a free Covid-19 kit that included two face masks, a small hand sanitizer, and a pen.  Why a Pen?? I didn’t get that.

On the counter was the main controller/tablet for the room amenities as well as offering the resort amenities like pool cabana reservations, room service, and other offerings. From here, you could set the temperature of the rooms, the lights on/off/dim/etc. set alarms….  About the only thing that was manual was the curtains!

The minibar refrigerator was of course full of premium drinks.  However, there was another small refrigerator that was empty and already chilled. I just needed to make a quick run to the neighboring Walgreens to get our own drinks and things to fill that up.  Remembering that this was originally built to be private condominiums, they seem to want to retain a portion of that feel.  You could see there was a space for a microwave, but that was long gone!

The closets were awesome.  Very large, plenty of room to hang your clothing as well as top-shelf storage to get things out of the way.  Of course, complimentary bathrobes to use while there. as well as slippers for your comfort.

The in-room safe was there and working as well as ironing board and iron.  They didn’t skimp on storage space, I will say that!

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Debbie named this her “Oracle”

From there, you see the bathroom area and what an area it was!  Two sinks, two mirrors, a vanity mirror. All with lights.  The toilet was in its own little room with what Debbie called her “Oracle” on the wall. A well-designed wallpaper that actually resembled a profile portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.  It was actually kind of tasteful.  An interesting piece of art. Something the Cosmo is famous for is their artwork scattered around the resort.

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Staycation at the cosmo las vegas stip

Soak in bubbles, watch dancing fountains!

The glass doors led to a well-appointed shower. I have to make a note of the tall shower head with plenty of hot water. Something most resorts seem to cut the corner on.  From there, you can step a little further and up a couple of steps into the Japanese soaking tub.  Room for two and lots of bubbles!  With an amazing view of the Bellagio Fountains as well! (bring your own bubble bath salts and candles)

las vegas cosmopolitan

It’s All About the View!

The View

In Las Vegas, it is often all about the view.  And as you enter the bedroom area, you see the view.  The bedroom is nicely done.  On the nightstands, you have the lamps that also have USB charger ports. Next to that is the smaller controller for the lights.  From there, like the larger one, you can control all the lights in the suite. The TV has the ability to stream via Bluetooth, from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet if you don’t like their entertainment selections that include the music being played throughout the resort.

The curtains are both shear as well as a blackout. Depending on your needs or desires. And the blackout curtain is certainly BlackOut!  Plus the windows are well tinted, so the Vegas summer sun is not blinding you from the inside.

Open the balcony door and you step out onto your private 110 square foot balcony overlooking the Bellagio resort and their majestic fountains. Although you do not get to hear all the music, the view of them dancing with the lights and the fog, from this point of view, is enough to get you mesmerized as if you were standing next to them.  And if you are wondering, no, you do not hear them going off when the patio door is closed.

the bellagio fountain view

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For the bed, it was very comfortable. Nice sheeting, plenty of pillows.  Fell asleep relatively easily.  Of course, we are used to having two small sheet warmers (jack Russels dogs) in bed with us. So being alone, just the two of us, it seemed a little strange.  But we adjusted just fine, thank you very much!!

For us being locals and not really into the whole “Vegas Vacation” thing, it was a really nice way to spend a few days.  The resort had some once amenities. I love the location. The staff, no matter where I met them, were always open and wanting to help.  No resort fees and free parking, for now, is a nice bonus!

Check it out!!


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