It’s Another Fee Free National Park Weekend!

In celebration of National Parks Week, we have a second Fee Free Weekend at all the NationalParks. So if you are looking for a way to get away from the big city, bright lights, and traffic?  How about visiting a National Park for free??  Yes, I know, I just made a post about overcrowding at several of the nearby canyons.  That just means there are a few other ones you need to check out instead.  Like Lake Mead National Recreation Area,  Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area or even Death Valley National Park.

This is in celebration of National Park Week. The fee waiver includes entrance fees, commercial tour fees, and transportation entrance fees. Other fees such as reservation, camping, tours, concession and fees collected by third parties are not included unless stated otherwise.

There are 117 national parks that normally charge an entrance fee. The others are free all of the time. Plan your visit and enjoy our country’s history and nature.

Checkout: find your park Vegas and see what all the parks and monuments are around Las Vegas.

Got Kids??  Don’t Forget Every Kid In a Park Program

Rent a Car and Get Out of Town!

This is How We Do Vegas From The Sky!

[arve url=”” title=”Maverick Helicopters Over the NFR!!” description=”The NFR from the Air! Maverick Helicopters ” /]

This was not your ordinary helicopter adventure over vegas.  Nope, this one was private and for a cause.  Needing to get some photos of the Thomas & Mack Center for the National Finals Rodeo 2016.  This was a special, doors open, get the photos of a lifetime kind of a helicopter adventure.

Last December, during National Finals Rodeo, our friend and Vegas’ top event photographer asked if we wanted to join him on a photoshoot. He was to shoot the Thomas & Mack Center from the air, showing all the stock pens and auxiliary buildings and tents needed to put on such a large multi-day event.
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An Offer We Could Not Refuse! 

Especially when Maverick Helicopters, the best and safest tour helicopter operation in town, was to be our transportation. Did I mention we needed the doors open?? Yes. Don’t try this at home!  Doors open, safety harnesses locked and secured. Cameras strapped on and Matt, a very skillful and accomplished pilot gave us the thumbs up and we were off…..

The next day, we arrived at the terminal, Matt gave us the briefing and last chance to back out.  Soon we were in the helicopter, the doors were open, safety harnesses locked and secured. Cameras strapped on and Matt, a very skillful and accomplished pilot gave us the thumbs up and we were off…..

Tom Donoghue was on my right, Miss Debbie who was smiling from ear to ear since we got up this morning, was on my left.  She was ready for this… Me? Not so much.  However, any chance to see Vegas from above, I will always take it.

fly over Sheldon Adelson hanger and area 51 jets

Sheldon Adelson hanger and area 51 jets

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Not exactly buzzing around the friendly skies, we had to wait at times for air traffic control to let us pass.  Thomas & Mack Center sits right in the flight path and Sunday is the busiest day of the week at the airport.  Seeing Sheldon Adelson’s hanger and Area 51 jets was a treat.  (Sheldon Adelson is the CEO of the Sands Corp. Owners of the Venetian and the Palazzo), not to mention the view of the airport runways gives you its true scope and size.  It’s huge!

The goal was to focus on the T&M, but hey, when you have to circle around, may as well get some shots of the Vegas skyline as well as look into the backyards of some of the neighbors around the center.  This is when you really get to see that Vegas does sit in a valley with mountains all around us.

In the past, we have done the Las Vegas Strip Night Flight and enjoyed seeing the strip in all its neon and LED glory.  But this?  Wow, this gives it another look of life.  The shadows of the tall buildings, the expanse of the valley and the beauty that surrounds us.  Both natural and manmade.  If you ever get jaded about Las Vegas, look at it from the sky and it may change your feelings!

(Take the Night Flight over Las Vegas. You’ll love it! )

Now, flying with the doors off? That’s a new experience and probably beats any thrill ride I had ever been on.  A seasoned pilot, an experienced photographer who does this regularly and a budding landscape photographer hyped up on adrenalin, they were doing fine.  The cameras were going off pretty fast and furious.  Matt, our pilot was making it look effortlessly as he was coordinating between what Tom wanted and what the control tower was going to let us get. Control tower always wins. But they were accommodating as they could be.

Doing the near 90 degree banks to get the ultimate shot looks cool when watching it on TV, living it as they do it is another thing. Especially since you know your wife’s mother isn’t really cool on some of the adventures I have taken her daughter on. This may be the one that finally pops the gasket!

Lookign at Vegas from the Maverick Helicopter

The Strip actually looks pretty cool from up here

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For someone who lives here and gets a bit jaded by the continuous greed of MGM and Caesars, with the 24/7 lifestyle, seeing Vegas from here kind of gives you that moment of clarity and feeling like “Yea. I live here and that’s cool”  Like a second wind or a reminder of why you came here in the first place, as a tourist.  It’s what made you fall in love with the city and make the decision to move here.  And it’s why you haven’t left. You Get It Again.

Thomas & Mack NFR 2016

There it is – Thomas & Mack @NFR 2016

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Twenty minutes later, we were back on the ground and wondering when we could do it again??

Again. A big, Big Thank You to Maverick Helicopters. I don’t recommend them just because I sell their tours. I recommend them because they are the finest helicopter tours in Las Vegas (and now Hawaii) Best helicopters, friendliest and most experienced pilots.  My guests will always say the same thing.  Go Maverick!

Our thanks to Tom Donoghue for the opportunity

Thank You, Matt, for your service, your amazing piloting skills, and your friendliness!

Photos: Tom Donoghue/Debbie D Anthony

Enjoy The Video.  Leave us your comments.

Fly Maverick!

229 Talking Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

This week’s podcast we head out to Boulder City and talk with Las Vegas Territory member Brina Marcus of Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV.

Boulder City is quickly becoming the adventure capital of Nevada and Flightlinez is in the center of it all.  At the top of historic and beautiful Bootleg Canyon, you are surrounded by breathtaking views of Lake Mead, the Vegas Strip, Mt. Charleston and the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.  On your adventure down the four runs, you reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour!

For Brina, the adventure started out as a tourist visiting from Chicago.  As a fitness instructor, she wanted more and found it with her first trip down the canyon.  After getting her breath back, she asked about employment, she soon got her wish and then some!

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon were also the operators of the original Zip Line on the Fremont Street Experience.

From ages 7 to 90, if you can handle a walk up a natural trail with a few switchbacks, you can experience a ride of a lifetime.  We talk about the safety and the thrill of the Zip Line.  Who, how and when to do it and about the various ways you can save a few bucks while getting out of the smokey casinos and into some nature for a day.

Hotel pickup or discount if you drive yourself.
Flightlinez offers locals discounts and even has a frequent Flightliners club

Brina likes to also promote the other wonderful businesses of Boulder City.  Who can blame her?   The little town that built a big dam, or as they like to say “A World Away for a Day” It’s a wonderful little town to spend some time in.

Show Links


Brina Marcus Vegas Tourist Tips

3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do or See

  • visit boulder city
  • visit Fremont Street East
  • Visit Mt Charleston or Red Rock Conservation Area

Hidden Vegas Gem(s):

Favorite Vegas Show(s): Mystere/Absinth /Matt Franco / Carrot Top (Show Links)

Favorite Vegas Movie: Casino

Want More Info About Zip-lining in Boulder City?


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Las Vegas Territory

Las Vegas has Museums?

That always seems to surprise people when I mention it on a tour.  Some people are actually shocked to learn that this haven for sin and immorality has more than a few major greedy casinos and a few thousand hotel rooms.  That we actually have culture, a community and even a few museums you may want to visit when you are here.  Yes, I said museums. Actual places that let you learn, touch and experience the history of the Las Vegas area as well as places and people that have impacted American history in general.

The Vegas Tourist has collected a list of them – Las Vegas Museums – Some are free, others require a paid ticket or a request for a donation.  Several are even on a packaged tour or Hop-on Hop-off bus.  But they all show the diversity and the depth of history in the Las Vegas area.

The Clark County Museum is famous for the man in charge of the collection – Mark Hall – Patton, a popular expert used on the hit TV show “Pawn Stars”.   Not an easy place to visit for the average Las Vegas Tourist.  But always worth the visit if you are around Henderson

Discovery Children’s Museum is a giant indoor play area for kids that some parents wish they had when they were a youngster.  Mixed in with the play are a lot of educational opportunities and hands-on experiments for the kids. They learn when they think they are playing!  Located near downtown.

Erotic Heritage Museum is what I like to say is the place to learn about your first amendment rights as exercised, fought for and defended by the world of Adult entertainment. Plus some exhibits and artwork showing off the world of eroticism through the ages.  It’s for ADULTS ONLY! and right behind Fashion Show Mall.

Pinball Hall of Fame.  This is one of the hidden gems of Las Vegas.  Not a well-kept secret, but one that needs to be spread around more.  You get to see, touch and play some of the most legendary, classic and famous pinball machines ever made.  A collection of over 1000 machines being lovingly restored by a master craftsman.  Free unless you play.  So bring your quarters or use the bill changer on premises.

Shelby American.  A FREE look into the history of auto racing legend Carol Shelby.  The man who defined the American Muscle Car.  You get to see his cars, learn about his legend as well as being able to see where the mighty muscle cars are made.  Free to tour as well as free daily guided tours.

I could go on, you get the idea.  This is not the complete list and I am sure we missed a few that our faithful readers will ever so nicely point out to us in the comments or emails!!


227 – Talking About The Mob Museum

Ok, its been awhile since the last podcast.  The new year is not exactly starting out as I had planned, but it is a better year already!

So here we are, recorded on January 20.  Mark’s Birthday and the day America gets a new president.  A perfect day for a podcast.  Oh yea, it’s also raining outside!

  • Talking about the CES 2017, virtual reality, Amazon Echo and other things.
  • Mark’s Next Phone will be the LG20
  • Vegas tourist record 49.2 million for 2016
  • Hoover Dam Tour Story (Tour Link)
  • NASCAR/ The Big Game / NHRA

Today’s guest is Las Vegas Territory Member Brenda Hengel.
She is the PR Marketing Manager for the Mob Museum.  The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.

For some, they don’t see this museum for its cultural value.  But these are the people who have never been inside this place. This has got to be on your “Must See” Vegas list. It will

It’s awesome to walk through.  Give yourself at least two hours to see everything and digest everything.  It does not glamorize either side. It’s “just the facts mam”!

The interview was recorded inside the Oscar B Goodman conference room. Appropriately enough since this was his pet project as Mayor and it is the place where he tried his first case after moving to Las Vegas

Show Links:


Brenda Hengel’s Vegas Tourist Tips

3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do or See

  • Come Downtown
  • See a Vegas Show
  • Go see Red Rock Conservation Area

Hidden Vegas Gem: The Smith Center

Favorite Vegas Show(s): Cabaret Jazz

Favorite Vegas Movie: Casino

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Las Vegas Territory