The Cranes Are Back! Resorts World Las Vegas Gets Busy

Resorts World Las Vegas

When I first moved to Las Vegas in 2001, there were more construction cranes in the Las Vegas skyline than anywhere else in the western hemisphere. Seriously! Many other cities were complaining that they could not get major construction projects in their cities started because nobody could find building cranes….

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Crosses for Mass Shooting Victims Moved to County Museum

Las Vegas Massacre White Crosses moved to county museum

The white crosses memorial that sat behind the Welcome to Las Vegas sign after the October 1st massacre, have been moved to a better place along with all the trinkets, photos and other memorabilia visitors left alongside them. All of the items have been carefully boxed and moved to the Clark County…

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A Day at Lonnie Hammargren’s Home – Nevada Day

There is no real and polite way to describe Dr. Lonnie Lee Hammargren’ home.  Actually, it’s three homes together.  Just like there is no real way to describe Dr. Hammargren himself without using the words “unique” or “special”. He is truly a state treasure. The 78-year-old former Vietnam flight surgeon, former…

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