Road Tripin' Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Road Tripin’ Vegas to LA

July 10, 2017

Sometimes you need to leave the forest to see the trees. In our case, it was leaving the heated chaos of Las Vegas and heading to Los Angeles to see the beauty of the neon [more…]

Manzanar War Relocation Center
On The Road

Remembering Manzanar – On the Road

February 18, 2017

If you were to drive out of Las Vegas about 4 hours, through Death Valley National Park and over the Panamint Springs Mountains, then head up California Highway 395, you will find Manzanar War Relocation Center. [more…]


The Lion Habitat Ranch with Keith Evans [Video]

August 22, 2016

Frequent Las Vegas Tourists will remember the lion habitat at the MGM Grand.  Where in the morning lion cubs lounged around a glass enclosed sanctuary and occasional played around with their caretakers.  In the afternoon, they [more…]

Old Boulder City Hospital

Visiting the Old Boulder City Hospital

November 9, 2015

  Recently Miss Debbie and I went to Boulder City. That cute little town on your way out to Hoover Dam. Or as they like to say “The town that build Hoover Dam.”  Recently they [more…]

Daily Pic

The Ron Pratte Vegas Connection Collection

January 12, 2015

  Starting on Tuesday and running through Sunday in Scottsdale, AZ, one of the largest privately held car collection will be going up for auction.  The Ron Pratte Collection has been added to The 44th annual [more…]


Classic Car Weekend

September 16, 2012

  This is the weekend when some of us men (and a few women) turn to teenagers again.  And for some, we now have the money to enjoy what we drooled over as a wet-behind-the-ears [more…]