The Angry Old White Wealthy Socialist Circus Hits Las Vegas


The Clinton News Network (otherwise known as CNN) has rounded up three of the oldest, angriest, wealthiest and whitest socialists George Soros could afford and is bringing them to Las Vegas to debate on Tuesday night.  I say three because there still is a chance for Obama to throw his horndog lapdog Joe Biden into the mix to throw Hillary a worthy scare.

Why Debate in Las Vegas?

Three reasons they chose Las Vegas for this debate:

  1. Las Vegas is home to one of the largest population of illegal immigrants north of Mexico.  These future (??) voters are ripe for the picking and the bribing.
  2. Las Vegas is home to two very strong unions.  How can you be a democrat candidate without the union bankrolling part of your campaign?  The Clark County Teachers Union and the Culinary Union almost single-handedly financed Harry Reid’s last campaign. (See #1)
  3. This is more of a parade and dog show than a debate.  The top democratic candidates are here to parade themselves in front of some big donors, hoping to gain favor and financial support.  Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest political check writers outside of Hollywood and west of Wall Street.  Besides the unions, you have Steve Wynn, CEO of the Wynn Resorts where the debate is being held.  You have former Caesars CEO and rabid Obama-noid, Gary Loveman pulling out the checkbooks for the Caesars Palace gang.  Also in the money pit would be the MGM CEO James Murrin, one the largest employers of immigrants in Nevada.

What Will They debate?

  1. They will debate the merits of a socialist society.  Who can deliver the best argument on why everyone but the chosen few, should embrace and enjoy living in shared poverty and misery.  That will lead into a debate on the best ways to kill off capitalism, stop free speech and of course, they will rip on the republican party.  Which is kind of funny when you think about it.  These three clowns would have never made any money if they were raised in the utopian society they think you and I should live in. They became multi-millionaires because of capitalism, free speech and the Republican party.  It’s the “Do as I say, Not as I do” philosophy!
  2. I’m figuring that if they stick to the script handed to them, most of the time will be spent trying to out-bribe the other one.  Who can give the most to those who deserve it the least.  Who will give illegal immigrants the most money and the most benefits.  Who will allow the most terrorists into the country and who will rip apart the American family the best.
  3. They can’t debate on national security, jobs or making America strong and safe.  None of them have a plan for that.  Plus that would defeat their purpose for running.  As a Democrat, you can’t really talk about those points because those things would probably piss off the foreign nations big money donors and the Wall Street money men.

Who Will Win?

Las Vegas will be in the spotlight. Or at least the middle part of the Strip.  That’s a good thing.  For Vegas tourism in general, it will be just another Tuesday night in Vegas.  The debate is not a real tourist attract.  People don’t come to Vegas to watch a couple of grumpy old rich people debate the merits of being poor and hungry.  They can see that on YouTube anytime!  The economic impact of this debate is about equal to that of a Mary Kay convention… Not a drop in the bucket.  As for viewers?  Redbox and the DVR will be the big winners.  As Donald Trump said “I’ll watch the first ten minutes”  after that, it will be nothing but bashing anything and everything that ever made America great.  Again, you can see that on late night television or on YouTube.

CNN will get a much-needed boost in ratings.  Not as much of a boost as with the Republican debates gave them.  But it will give them a needed bump.  Maybe even into double-digit viewer numbers.  I watched a few minutes of CNN today because they were broadcasting live from the Wynn. But it was a bad flashback to the 90’s.   They just could not praise Hillary enough.  Almost every story had a Hillary angle.  So the cable channel once again has earned the monicker “The Clinton News Network”.   If they could, they would announce the moment the debate ends that Hillary was the winner and should be made president immediately.


Check Back in October

Things will be much different on October 19, 2016.  That is when the Thomas & Mack Center hosts the last presidential debate before the general election. If America is still standing, we will see two people with polar opposite ideas about America and they will debate on who is the best person to take us into the future and what kind of future we will have.

For Las Vegas, that debate will be a HUGE cash cow.  That debate will be an international tourist attraction larger than a WWE battle Royale/cage match or a UFC title fight.

Topic: The Democratic Presidential Debate
Time: 6PM PST
Place:  The Wynn Resort
Coverage:  CNN


So The Question is… Will You Watch The Democratic Debate live From Las Vegas??

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