The Harmon Tower is Coming Down

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That one example of the end of the Vegas boom years, MGM’s greed and the proof that those tasked with keeping Vegas tourism safe, failed….  is coming down.  The Harmon Hotel is being dismantled one piece at a time.

The Harmon Hotel was supposed to be the “gateway” to CityCenter.  That $9 billion glass and steel menagerie on the Las Vegas strip.  Half owned by MGM and half owned by the Dubai World (the Dubai Government).  What was supposed to be a 47-story hotel tower with 200 high end condominiums sitting on the top floors, but was capped at 26 floors when county safety inspectors finally realized they had a problem with the rebars placed (or missing) in the concrete flooring.  Noting  that the hotel would not survive an earthquake.

Unlike previous Las Vegas demolitions, this one has to be done a non-Vegas style.  One piece at a time.  Too much glass other people owned sitting too close to the building.  Primarily the Cosmopolitan next door as well as the other glass towers that make up the rest of CityCenter.  Not to mention the need to preserve some parts of the building for evidence in the upcoming trial(s)

MGM claims it will take one year and about $400 million to complete the demolition.  So far, nothing has been announced to replace the tower. Just more open space for probably another over priced nightclub or Cirq show??

Mark Anthony

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