The Knights Fall to the Wild

The team that nobody said could do it, and they said it couldn’t do a lot!  Did and still does.  And on occasion, this fairytale team in the desert city not known for winning franchises falters.  Afterall, it is the inaugural year and they have been busy breaking records in the NHL at home as well as away, so we do need to give them a little bit of slack!

This past week, my beloved adopted hometown National Hockey League team, the Vegas Golden Knights, took a pause in their winning streaks heading into the land of playoff potential and decided to lose a couple of games at home.  One of those games happened to be with my real hometown team, the Minnesota Wild.  Getting sacked by the Wild 4-2.

photo:Tom Donoghue

When they announced that Las Vegas was getting a hockey team, I knew this was the type of a professional sports team this town needed. Afterall, in the winter, the population almost doubles with snowbirds(retires from the upper northeast and the cold tundra region of Minnesota and the Canadians, living here for the winter months). So here you have one of those nights with an arena filled with ex-Minnesota patriots, people from Minnesota needing an excuse to escape the frozen winter for a weekend and a few people who are part-time residents of both communities.

I even saw a Facebook update from my ex-partner in crime, Sazzy at the game with her hubby Bob!  Me? I was home nursing a serious flu mixed with an allergy infection.  Not a pretty sight!

How to clean the ice at a hockey game

photo: Tom Donoghue

People watching in Las Vegas is always a fun sport. Even at hockey games, it can be the best thing to be watching while your team loses…

Minnesota Wild Fan in Vegas Golden Knights Territory

photo:Tom Donoghue

For a first-year team, the chances of being anywhere near a playoff position would be laughable. And for some, they really did laugh when the idea of being int he playoffs was first mentioned.  They aren’t laughing anymore.  We do have a good chance of bringing that tall, shiny cup home to Las Vegas. This little team of misfits is about to show everyone they were meant to do this. Yes, the season is long and the final shot to a playoff berth is filled with a few other more experienced teams who have never been there, wanting to make sure the new kids on the rink don’t make it this year.  But that’s when the misfits and the under-judged usually wake up and get busy.

Now, the interesting thing about having the Vegas Golden Knights in the National Hockey League playoffs would be that they would probably have to play another not really, but yes, they were, a Minnesota team, the Dalla Stars.  A team that began life as legendary The Minnesota North Stars almost ended up being the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim but found their place as the Dallas Stars instead.

The Vegas Golden Knights Season so far: 45 wins / 21 loses / 5 over time loses (1st in Pacific Division)

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