The Mayor Proclaims Rat Pack Day

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Old Vegas met new Vegas in Mayor Goodman’s office today and we were there for the moment. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B Goodman officially declared Wednesday, May 26 2010 as “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Day in the City of Las Vegas

Wow, what an event!!  Let me just say that you never ever want to miss an opportunity to meet the Mayor in his kingdom.  Yes, it is HIS Kingdom… If you got a chance to visit it, take it….

Most Mayors’ have an office; Oscar has a shrine to him and to the city of Las Vegas.  He greets you at the door, introduces himself and welcomes you into his kingdom.  Then offers you a tour.  Take the dime tour he gives, it’s worth every penny.

The event was a Vegas history lesson rolled into a press conference.

After the tour, he served up the proclamation while sharing some stories of his early days in Las Vegas.  Watching the real members of the Rat Pack perform and watching Vegas grow into the entertainment capital of the world.

The neat part was that he was not only sharing stories to a bunch of actors, he was sharing stories with people who had a personal connection to the characters and to the era.

He was swapping stories with Sandy Hackett and his wife Lisa Dawn Miller.  Sandy is the son of the unforgettable comedian and Las Vegas legend Buddy Hackett.  You can trace Sandy’s history in Las Vegas back to the age of 15, when he was a cook’s helper and his dad headlined the showroom in the Sahara.

Sandy’s wife, producer/singer/songwriter is Lisa Dawn Miller, the daughter of legendary songwriter, Ron Miller, who penned several standards including Frank Sinatra’s classic, ”For Once In My Life,”

Joining in on the Proclamation Ceremony (in character) was David DeCosta (Frank Sinatra)and Tony Basile (Dean Martin).

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