They Did What? Where?? H2X Indoor Jet Ski Racing

H2X Indoor Jet Ski Racing and Water Sport Thrill Show southpoint casino
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Yea, that’s what we wondered when I saw the conversion photos of the South Point Casino Equestrian Center.  One day it’s an indoor equestrian center.  The next, its a big fish tank.  Actually a pool, but it had more than a few people looking for the fish!

More than 600,000 gallons of reclaimable water was used to create the World’s Largest Portable Indoor Pool for the water sports competition and thrill show.  It was an awesome sight to see!!  Featuring stunt athletes on wakeboards, waterskis, wakeskates, and modified watercraft.  According to the company, this was the first of its kind in America and the pool/equestrian center was 3.5 ft deep and spanning 125 ft by 200 ft.

the crowds were small for the two-day event.  But once the photos and the videos hit the Internet, we were hit with “When is it coming back? I want to see this!!’  So maybe they will get the word out better and get back soon.

Rumor has it that Michael Gaughan, owner of the South Point was looking at the pool and thinking “fishing contest??”  We will see!


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