Topless at Hoover Dam

Topless at Hoover Dam

Editors Note:  This is in response to a recent Facebook post I made about how a few things on a recent tour made me go Hmmm…. If you are easily offended by anything, please move on….

Here’s The Story!

Being a tour guide in Las Vegas and living in Las Vegas, I learned quickly that no matter how long you are in this business, you really have not seen it all and there are still a few things that may surprise you.  Why?  Because it’s Vegas and tourists here want to push their limits of modesty or stretch their imagination.

On tours, we seem to see it all, or at least we think we want to say we have seen it all. There are a few times you wished you didn’t see it, but that’s part of the job as well!  Most tour guides I know won’t publicly admit it, but we all have a “bucket List” or an imaginary list of things that have happened or things they want to have happened when on tour.  And when we get together at the end of a long multi-day tour or just get together to commiserate our experiences, we tend to bring out that list and start to compare notes.

One of my “lists” is women flashing the camera.  In my eleven years as a tour guide, I have been exposed to women dropping their tops for the camera of a friend, a client or significant other in all of the National Parks I have ever toured in – except one.

I can honestly say that I have seen God’s greatest peaks and some awesome works by medical professionals while on tour in the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and even at the Golden Gate National Park.

I have even been asked by females guests to help snap a few “naughties” of them while in Death Valley and in Zion National Park.  The Narrows have a different memory for me than for some of the other guides I know!

So you probably guessed by now, the one National Park I have yet to experience a dropped top in, was Hoover Dam.  (Technically Hoover Dam/Bridge is in Lake Mead National Park).  Over the past 11 years, my guests and I have seen women bend over the top of Hoover Dam to look over and had their short skirts blow up and over them on accident and on purpose (seriously).   Every year we witness the summer time tourist ritual of “look ma, no bra” while wearing light colored tops.

But never have I seen an outright, drop of the top, hold the pose and smile at the camera shot until now.

Nude at the Dam Bridge

We were returning from the Grand Canyon West Rim which had a few surprises for me as well, but that’s another post. (Two environmentalists got into a competition on who was right about climate change!)   Heading for a Hoover Dam photo stop on the Arizona side.  We passed the security checkpoint, past the bridge parking lot and started to see the dam. I go into tour guide mode and start the spiel about the dam, its size and how it corks the canyon. Then we are faced with the big bridge and its facts.  We curve around to see the dam in front of us and the bridge is behind us.  That’s when I spot an elderly couple heading to an overlook between the dam and the bridge.

As I set up the next part of the narration for my tour, this happy couple is in the little lot to the right.  She puts her back to me and the bridge.  Her husband(?) is facing me and the bridge, he smiles at her as I see what I didn’t think I was seeing until we were almost equal to each other.

His smile made her back get straight as her shoulders dropped.  Next thing I saw, her top dropped off as well.   Suddenly, grandma was standing there topless!   She smiled, posed for the camera, her husband and a tour guide who stopped talking to make sure he was seeing what he was seeing (I like to be certain of my facts).

Yes, indeed, grandma was posing proudly topless for grandpa in front of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.  Her smile told me everything I needed to know and I have to agree with her smile.  If you still have it (or want to think you still have it) flaunt it!  And she was very proud of what Mother Nature had blessed her with and she had no problems holding that simple pose while grandpa figured out how to get just the right shot.

I know women get a little self-consciousness about their looks as time marches on.  The hands of time had made some things point a little more south than they did in previous years, but she seemed to have absolutely no problem letting them see the bright desert sunshine!  God Bless any woman who has that much confidence to do that at her age!

For you people hoping to see the photo mentioned, I will do my due diligence and search for it as well, just to have recorded proof of it happening. It’s going to be a difficult chore, but for you, my readers, I will do my best!



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