Vegas, Eh!!

I was driving by the Palms this morning and thought we had moved to Canada and somebody forgot to tell me.  The place was surrounded by Maple Leaf flags and Alberta license plates.

It’s near 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) here – while in Canada, it’s the beginning of a very beautiful, yet short summer season.  What would get all them there Canadians to flee the thawing tundra and visit Vegas in the heat of summer?

Of course, it’s HOCKEY! Their national religion…  The NHL is in town for team meetings and post season awards banquet.  The awards will be televised live on Wednesday night on the Versus network and from all reports, will include an all star Hollywood line up.

This is the second year the NHL has held here in Las Vegas and at the Palms.  Last year’s festivities were a low-key affair.  So now that they settled in, the NHL says they want to step it up a notch. So celebrity sightings are on the rise as the event nears.

NHL fans and the most of Canada it seems, are all over the Palms with their pocket cams and phone cams gathered around the Stanley Cup trophy. If its hockey, its hot and its in Vegas, Eh??.

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