Visit to The Carol Shelby Heritage Museum

What can I say about this cool attraction at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip?  Its the Carol Shelby Heritage Museum and its free!  Yes, Free!  An up-close look at the life and creations of Carol Shelby.

I was there with my Minnesota buddy Jason Hetland and we got there just in time for one of their guided tours with Shelby historian and Mustang fanatic Jim King.  I am pretty sure he knows more about carol Shelby than Carol Shelby knew of himself!!  If you catch one of the free guided tours, give yourself 90 minutes and take notes.  He goes deep and personal with the cars.

If you miss the guided tour, you can still walk around and see the cars on display.  Most are on loan or rotated out from their collection.  Each has a place-card with details on the car.  A few of them are for sale, if you were looking for the ultimate Christmas gift.

You can also peek into the production area and watch them turn ordinary cars into Shelby-ized works of motorized art.

The Shelby mystique is like the one for Harley Davidson.  Step inside here and you will see the cars as well as Shelby car owners paying homage to the man and the cars.  I always meet one or two in there and they love ot talk about their car as well as the love they have for the man and what he did to the world of auto racing.

Go. You will have fun. Its free and fascinating to see it all.


shelby car museum in las vegas

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