What’s an In-n-Out?

Many of you had inquired about why and what is an In-n-Out Burger?  Why we love them so much and people out west are always raving about them.  So I thought maybe it was time to give you a peek into the popularity of this southwest fast food institution.

Quick History
Created in southern California in 1948.  It is privately owned, family run operation and is something that McDonalds would love to own.  You will only find them in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. They have become such an institution that the fans and the restaurant has developed its own slang language and a few unusual ways of having it “your way”.  Check out their Not So Secret Menu.

The Menu
Yup, look at the above image.  That’s it.  Short and sweet. Hamburger, cheeseburger, french fries and that’s about it. Want a salad or  kiddies toy meal?? Sorry, take it elsewhere.  This is where you get in, get fed and get out. It’s that simple and that fast. even if you see a long line, not to worry, they are In n Out in no time!

Did We Mention Fresh?
In this image, you have the fresh peeled potatoes waiting to sacrifice themselves to become our french fries.  The hamburger patties are never frozen and the other condiments are just as fresh.  There is not a freezer in sight.

The restaurants are always clean and you can see the whole process from ordering to making everything to serving the guests, right in front of you.  I have never seen one look anywhere near dirty.  The staff is always attentive, friendly and quick to clean up.  Since the starting wage is always well over minimum wage, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  Even when wall to wall people, they are out and about wiping tables down and getting ready for the next wave of hungry tourists.

The Final Product
A double-double and a number two (cheeseburger with onions and fries).  Delicious!!

Next time you are in Las Vegas and hungry for something cheap and different;  Something you can’t find back home, catch a cab or an Uber and they will know where the nearest one is, trust me.  I even think its on the taxi license test!

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is The Vegas Tourist! Popular Tourism Ambassador, a frequent contributor to Las Vegas forums as well as travel media and bloggers. Loves to help people discover new things to see, do and experience while visiting Las Vegas and Beyond!

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