In-n-Out on the Strip

In and Out Burgers at the Linq Las Vegas

Just in case you didn’t know it, the new In-n-Out Burger opened up in the LINQ Promenade.  Just in the shadows of the observation Wheel.  This is the 13th restaurant in Las Vegas and the only one that is a pedestrian-only destination.  Actually, it is only the 2nd such store in the entire chain that is built to be pedestrian only. The other one is at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco!

It is 5,000 square feet of Hamburger Goodness with an outdoor patio dining to help with the people watching around the big wheel.  Plus a mini store kiosk so you can get your fix with In-n-Out bling.

If you go there and want to be one of the “cool tourists”  you need to order off their not so secret menu and make yourself sound like an aficionado. Here is that link>>  In-n-Out Not so Secret  – Don’t worry, ordering is real easy.  They have cheeseburger, hamburger and fresh cut french fries (they cut them right there).  That’s it.  No salads, no vegi-vegan-ala cart… It’s burgers, fries and a drink plus awesome chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shakes.

You may be asking how can such a place exist in today’s healthy living society?  Look at the name… It’s there.  You go in, you order, you get out…  McDonald’s has been wanting to buy this family owned, 67-year-old burger chain for decades and they just won’t sell!!

So now you don’t have to take a cab to the one on Tropicana and the I15.  It’s right there it the middle of it all…

Go. Now. Enjoy!

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