Garth is Good

Now that Garth brooks has settled into the Wynn, I wanted to see if all the chatter has quieted down as well.  Plus I wanted to see first hand what impact having the Mega Star in-house, has done for Mr. Wynn, as well as Las Vegas Tourism.

Garth is in his first year of a 5-year mega million-dollar, game changing deal with the Wynn. One that $143 tickets in a 1,500-seat theater, would never repay on its own.  As with many things Steve Wynn does, there is a backside to it all.


The very well regulated no scalping policy has worked.  People who were standing in line for the Saturday nigh performance, for the most part, were happy with the process.  Would they do the ticket/ID validation process for any other Vegas performance?  Probably not.  As I was told many times “But It’s Garth Brooks!!”

In my unscientific test, I interviewed several groups of people and individuals.  So much so, I started to notice security watching me…  About 30% were here in Las Vegas because of Garth Brooks.

That means there are 500 people per show who either made plans to visit Las Vegas around the show or came specifically because of Garth Brooks.  In either case, they were in Las Vegas because they had Garth Brooks tickets.  Including one lady from Sweden who never had thought about coming to America, or Las Vegas until she got Garth tickets.


Who is here to see Garth Brooks?
As I followed the snaking line waiting to get into the Encore Theater, I saw everybody.  From the well dressed, Rolex wearing crowd to the trailer park queens to the cowboy’s and their buckle bunnies.  Pretty much everyone was well represented.

As expected… Garth is Good!

  1. That’s what I get for writing a post after a long day…

    To answer the questions, Garth has had a tremendous impact on Las Vegas tourism as well as the Wynn Resort.

  2. I meant to add more to my comments, sorry…
    How many of the people that you interviewed were actually staying at Wynn? That would give a better idea of how Garth is affecting Mr. Wynn’s bottom line…
    Speaking for myself, I attended opening weekend and have a return trip planned for the summer.. the last time I was in Vegas was when I was on a teen tour which was a VERY long time ago! If Garth wasn’t in Vegas, I wouldn’t be either, most likely… It never occurred to me to stay anywhere BUT at Wynn. If Wynn is good enough for Garth, it’s good enough for me.. I can honestly say that everyone on staff that I had dealings with was more than kind and accomodating. I even had the distinct pleasure of shaking Mr. Wynn’s hand and thanking him for making it possible for Garth to return to the stage and that I looked forward to making many return trips in the next 5 years. Needless to say, he was very gracious and thankful. The whole thing is being run like clockwork and, if I may speak for the majority of Garth’s fans, we are very thankful for the tight security and the way tickets are being sold and distributed.. I know the scalpers, oh, excuse me, the ticket brokers as they like to be called, are not happy, but the fans most definitely are. Garth and Mr. Wynn know how to take care of us, and for that we are most grateful!

  3. I enjoyed your article, but I thought it didn’t go far enough… You didn’t seem to answer you own questions!

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