Phantom Phans Unite!

Meeting the Phantom Cast

The PA was in Phantom heaven this past weekend as she joined over 140 other rabid Phantom of the Opera fans from all over the world in Vegas.  The occasion was the very first Phantom Fan weekend celebration.

I thought the PA was a rabid fan, for the number of times she has seen the show in various forms and countries… But, after talking to other fans at the event, she could be classified as a beginner at best.

We are talking seeing the show dozens of times and in dozens of cities and countries.  Some even went to the holy land of all things Phantom, Her Majesty’s Theatre in London England.  (One Australian Phan has seen the show 106 times)!

As for Vegas, I don’t think there has ever been an event or an opportunity for the fans to get this close, or this intimate with any show on the Strip before. Of course, the Phantom is no ordinary show.  And that’s what made it so special.

To the fans I talked with, their ticket to the Phantom fan weekend was the equivalent to getting the gold slip in a Willie Wonka Candy Bar.  They got a no holds barred, all access pass to almost everything and anything Phantom.


The fans got to see up to seven performances, attend a masquerade ball with the cast and have dinner with the producer. They got to meet the primary cast and ask them any question they wanted to.  And they did!!

The weekend didn’t stop with the cast… Oh No, it included behind the scenes with the crew, the costumes, makeup, and a special hands on demonstration of the famous chandelier. Seeing what it takes to make it all work perfectly eight nights a week.

I kept getting asked about next year.  As if I would know.  The Phantom people are about as tight lipped, as just about anything as anyone I ever knew.  But, from the reactions I got from the fans, they will multiply and be back next year!  So be warned.  or at least notified!


“Phantom – The Vegas Spectacular” Tickets

Picture Notes:
Left: Brianne Kelly Morgan plays Meg Giry
Center: Tina Walsh from  “Momma Mia” at Mandalay Bay.  She now plays Madam Giry
Right: Larry Wayne Morbitt plays Ubaldo Phangi

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