How to Get Married in Las Vegas

So you want to get married in Las Vegas? Congratulations and welcome to the wedding capital of America (if not the world!). On average, over 300 weddings are performed here every day.   We are the place for lovers to say “I Do”!

  • Marriage licenses are valid in all 50 States and worldwide
  • No blood tests, no waiting.  Marriage licenses are good for one year from date of issue

How to Get Married in Las Vegas

First, you will need to get a marriage license from the Clark County Marriage Bureau. That’s easy to do.  Bring your ID and both parties must be present.

The Clark County Marriage Bureau is at 201 Clark Avenue in Downtown Las Vegas.  For reference, it’s Regional Justice Center.  The Marriage Bureau even has their own entrance and is open 8 am to Midnight 7 days a week.  (Here is a map to get there)

No appointment is necessary, walk in, fill out the paperwork, pay the fee and get the license.  The line is usually short, you may have a wait if there is a special date (Valentine’s day and New Years are most popular), weekends or some special numerical oddity for the date.

The cost to obtain a Marriage License is $77 (cash, money orders or credit cards only)

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and no nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half-blood, and not having a husband or wife living.

Divorced?  If you are divorced, having the paperwork will make the process easier. You need to know the month, year, city, and state in which it was final.

Want to speed it up even faster?  Fill out the paperwork online!  Clark County Marriage Bureau Website 

Clark County Marriage License Bureau

Now Get Married!

You have the license in hand, time to make it official and get that thing filled out!  Now you get to do it, you get to Get Married!  Like we said, no waiting.  You can get hitched immediately after getting the license.

In Las Vegas, you have so many choices. From a simple Justice of the Peace, right there at or near the courthouse.  Or you can go all out and do a special helicopter wedding over the Las Vegas Strip or at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  And anything in between.

You may want to check with the resort you are staying at. They usually offer special rates, amenities and honeymoon suites for wedding couples.

There are wedding chapels that will let you get married by Elvis, Elvira, an Ewok, Darth Vadar and even our Mobster buddy, Frank Culotta can officiate your wedding!!  Don’t have time for that? Some chapels have a drive-thru or walk up wedding windows!!  It’s Vegas, it’s how we roll!!

If its just a simple wedding you want, most chapels will allow walk-ins but you may have a wait.  For the more elaborate weddings (guests and special music, etc..) you may need to make an appointment before.

In Vegas, weddings are a business.  When we say “chapels” we are not talking about those big, fancy buildings from your town. These are very nicely appointed chapel suites that can hold from 20 to 200 people. They can be as fancy as any church in Italy or as simple as a few rows of chairs, an organ, and some flowers!  Most chapels will be able to do several weddings at the same time.  They can provide you the limo, pick you up, get you and your party to the chapel, get you in, dressed, married, photos and out of there in a relaxed, but fast amount of time.

Drive Thru Vegas Weddings



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