Chill’in on the Furniture

If its furniture… It’s here.  If your job has anything to do with furniture, you probably had a invite to be here.  Even in this economy and in the furniture market, about 50,000 people found their way here.  What is “here”??  It’s The World Market Center, otherwise known as Las Vegas Furniture Market Winter 2010.  A twice a year event so big they built their own spaces.

They have three building built so far, going to seven by the time they are done.  About 5 million square feet of exhibit space now, be over 12 million when its all built out. It’s that big.  The funny thing is that most of the building sit empty most of the year.  90% of the showrooms are empty or unoccupied between the two shows.


The people we met were all upbeat about the near future of the housing market. There were fewer couch kickers and more people with orders to buy than the previous show.  I enjoy sampling the new designs annd seeing more retro designs than before…  Cool, Man!

So if you are ever wondering what those strange buildings are on the west side of town… Its The World Market Center.

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