Ozzie The Giraffe Gets a New Home

Ozzie the Giraffe gets a new home

Thanks to some friends in the Las Vegas construction businesses, our friends over at the Lion Habitat Ranch have a new home for Ozzie the Paininting Giraffe! It seems construction crews from Penta Building Group took a shine to the ranch and more specifically to Ozzie whenever their business took them down to that part of the Las Vegas Strip.

So when they heard the Ranch was in desperate need for a new home to the growing giraffe, they organized a labor of love between them and other construction companies and took on the task of rebuilding him a new home.

Volunteers from Penta, as well as Tab Contractors, Sunstate Equipment, Nevada Ready Mix, and Western Elite; removed the existing concrete wall, dug new footings, poured and set the concrete columns as the base of the barn structure, where Ozzie now lives.  The project took about two months to organize and eleven hours total construction time.

Ozzie’s new enclosure is more than 25 feet tall.  Plenty of room to allow the giraffe to grow.  The  2 ½-year-old is currently about 12 feet and should grow to be about 18 to 20 feet tall.

Along with Ozzie, the Lion Habitat Ranch is home to 39 lions.  All of them are descendants of the original bloodlines of the lions that were on display at the MGM Grand until 2012.

> > Visit LionHabitatRanch.org for current Ranch Hours and admission prices and discounts


>>  Podcast #215 includes an interview with The Lion Habitat Ranch owner Keith Evans



Photo Courtsey: Lion Habitat Ranch



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