We Are On FaceBook – Join Us

Call this a Cheap, Promotional Plug for those of you on FaceBook to be a Fan of the show. Please???  FaceBook is a popular place to keep connected with everyone.  And I do mean almost everyone….  Come by and post your best Vegas pics, tell us your favorite Vegas story and ask the questions you are too afraid to ask here.  Ask there and see what you get for an answer.

We took the plunge awhile ago, but never really did anything with it.  Now we are starting to use the site and see what happens.  Actually, its when a couple of our mobster buddies started to get more friends than we did, I figured it was time to get serious… Plus it just gives Sazzy something else to break…

So come on by and see what kind of Internet / Social Media trouble Sazzy and I can get into. See if Sazzy can really break the Internet!

So if you are on FaceBook, Become a fan…. or else….

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