37 Million Tourists Can’t Be Wrong!

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport

As of the end of October, 37 million passengers passed through the gates at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport in 2015.  That’s a 5.1% increase over 2014. 4.1 million people just in October alone! At this rate, we will pass the record-breaking 42 million people who came through McCarran airport in 2014.

Of course, Southwest Airlines handled the majority of those passengers with 1.5 million in October. Followed by United at 348,000, Delta at 341,000 Spirit had 262,000 and American 226,000

Now when you really look at the numbers, they are still impressive even after taking out the people who just pass through or live here in the Las Vegas area.  According to the LVCVA, we had 33 million people pass through the terminals but only had 31 million actual visitors to the Las Vegas area.

And for you really geeky numbers people: We have 149,000 rooms available with an 87% average occupancy rate.

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