Death Valley Begins to Reopen

Death Valley National Park sign

Death Valley National Park sign
Death Valley National Park sits in the State of California and is following the guidelines for reopening set by that state. Currently, they are entering into phase 3.1. and that means the limited opening of public facilities.

Death Valley National Park begins to reopen this weekend.  Beginning Friday, June 12th!   Day use areas along CA Hwy 190 including Zabriskie Point Lookout, Mesquite Sand Dunes near Stovepipe Wells, and Emigrant Canyon will be reopened including restroom facilities.

Visitors should be prepared that restrooms may be periodically closed for cleaning following CDC guidelines. These are temporary closures and the restrooms will reopen as soon as cleaning is complete each day; this is for the safety of visitors, not their inconvenience.

The Furnace Creek Visitor Center is still closed, but the outdoor restroom facilities are open. Backcountry areas and camping remain closed until further notice.

Death Valley National Park is also in the process of launching a direct phone number to answer visitor questions. These calls will be directed to the desk of a live Ranger.
So, what about fuel, stores, lodging, and dining, you ask? The Park has a dedicated page listing what services concessions are being offered. Scroll down the page to Resorts: Fuel and Amenities.

  • No Park Fees are being collected at this time
  • Note: The Ranch at Death Valley should be reopening on the 18th.



(Special Thanks to Death Valley Natural History Association for this update)

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